ms-dos problem

  morph1976 22:22 16 Mar 2004

im trying to repair the cleansweep program within norton systemworks 2003 on xp. part of the instructions tell me to enter the following command in ms dos mode: ren mfc42.dll mfc42.old when i do this it says the system canot find the file specified yet ive done everything exactly as it says...any help would be so much appreiciated

  Diodorus Siculus 22:34 16 Mar 2004

Rather than do it in DOS mode, try safe mode. That way the file should not be in use.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:36 16 Mar 2004

Shouls that be REM? not REN search see if the dll files are on the hdd first


  Pesala 22:47 16 Mar 2004

REM is for remarks in batch files.

mfc42.dll is found in C:\windows\system on my Windows ME system. Probably it is the same on yours.

Check that it exists first with

DIR MFC42*.*

but first check that you are logged on to:


I have six copies of this file on my system.

  Eric10 22:51 16 Mar 2004

If your hard drive uses the NTFS file system then you won't be able to read your hard drive from booting with a DOS boot disk as DOS doesn't understand NTFS. Try Safe Mode first as suggested then post back and let us know your file system i.e. NTFS or FAT32 if you still need help. On my XP machine the mfc42.dll file is in C:\Windows\System32.

  Pesala 22:57 16 Mar 2004

The instruction you have been given may involve changing the name of the same file residing in a different directory to \windows\system.

Follow the instructions as given.

  temp003 11:16 17 Mar 2004

It's probably easier to uninstall SW and then reinstall it.

Are you trying to follow the instructions at click here ?

The page doesn't refer to XP or windows 2000 at all. Don't know why, because SystemWorks 2003 can run on those OS's.

If you want to try it anyway, all the files to be replaced, referred to by that page, are in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder (for XP).

These files are under Windows Files Protection. XP's WFP should be quite strict. Theoretically (but not always in practice), XP should have prevented those files from being overwritten by other programs.

Before you go ahead, go to the system32 folder and check that the version of the mfc42.dll file is in fact older than the required version, before you attempt to replace it.

A copy of these files can also be found in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache folder. If a protected file in the system32 folder gets deleted, renamed or changed, XP will restore the file from the dllcache folder.

So for Norton's suggestion to succeed, you'll have to rename the copies of the files in the system32\dllcache folder, and copy the new versions to that folder as well. Otherwise, once you go into XP, XP will undo what you've done to the system32 folder.

If your XP is on an NTFS partition, you cannot rename/copy the files in MS-DOS.

If you use NTFS, and have the full XP installation CD, you can do it in XP's Recovery Console. The commands that need to be used for your case are the same for Recovery Console.

If you don't have the XP CD, you can try doing it in Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Restart computer, and first time you see XP beginning to load, press F8 repeatedly until you get the options to choose the mode in which to load XP (timing is difficult for F8). But I don't know how WFP works in this mode.

  morph1976 19:47 17 Mar 2004

temp003 thats the one! think i'll go for the uninstall option rather that pickle my head and go threiugh the other stuff..think i tried before to uninstall it and it detected clensweep already installed and that didnt i take it that even uninstalling SW is a nightmare..please continue with your ideas i gotta run for a pint of black stuff!

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