MS-DOS Compatibility Mode and missing DVD/CD

  Ganda 12:19 16 Mar 2004

I am running a Gateway Performance Plll 500MHz PC with 256 MB Ram. At present, I am unable to see my DVD/CD Rom or my CD R/RW when I open up the My Computer window. Both items are detected at start up as I can see them listed as devices along with my keyboard and mouse etc. I also have the following messages showing on the Performance Tab when I open the System Properties window:

File system: Some drives are using MS-DOS compatibility mode
Virtual memory: MS-DOS compatibility mode.

There are two problems showing on the performance tab as follows:

Compatibility mode paging reduces overall system performance.
Drive C is using an MS-DOS compatibility mode file system.

Can anyone out there help me solve these problems?

  mgmcc 12:29 16 Mar 2004

See if this Microsoft article helps -;EN-US;151911 - [Insert http:// before "support"]

  Eric10 12:55 16 Mar 2004

It sounds like you are using Windows 98. Check for entries in Config.sys and Autoexec.bat that load DOS drivers for your CD drives. If you find any, then type REM followed by a space at the beginning of each line to disable it. This should get rid of compatibility drivers and hopefully Windows will now detect your drives. If they aren't detected then try running the Add Hardware Wizard in Control Panel and let Windows search for them.

  Ganda 15:55 16 Mar 2004


Cheers for the suggestion, except I should have said I am running ME which was upgraded from W98 a couple of years ago. If the solution you suggested applies to ME also, can you provide me an idiot's guide as I not sure I would know what to look for in the Config.sys file or autoexec.bat file assuming I could find them in the first place.



  Eric10 21:16 16 Mar 2004

Sorry I've been away from the computer all evening. Yes the same applies for ME. Both files are in the root of your C: drive. You can open them with Notepad. If DOS drivers are being loaded then Config.sys will have a line similar to:


In place of ATAPI_CD.SYS will be the name of your particular CD-Rom driver. Just put REM and a space at the beginning of the line so that it reads "REM DEVICE=...."

Autoexec.bat could have a line similar to:


Note that it will use the same name after /D: as in Config.sys. Treat this to a REM in the same way if it doesn't already have one (Windows sometimes disables this itself). This makes the line into a remark and effectively disables it rather than deleting it just in case you need it later. e.g. if you needed to boot to DOS with CD support.

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