claire27 18:11 24 Jun 2003

I wrote the essay in microsoft word 98 and saving it onto floppy disk and it wont retreve from floppy and wont let me get into MS DOS to open the document and its very important

  DieSse 18:27 24 Jun 2003

MS-DOS will not help you - if it's written using Word98, then it needs word98 to open it.

When you say - it won't retrieve - what actually happens - this might help in solving your problem.

  claire27 18:34 24 Jun 2003

its saying it cant be opened and when i search for it its in MS DOS, word98 wont open it

  seedie 18:40 24 Jun 2003

Open your word program and select file/open.
Select a: at the top of the current window, and at the bottom select files of type *.* then click open.


  claire27 18:49 24 Jun 2003

ive tried everything, i can open other things on the same disk and it dont work the one essay

  PA28 19:12 24 Jun 2003

Try copying the file back to your hard disk - using MS DOS copy command if you must (it's easier to use Explorer) and open it from there. If that doesn't work, try renaming it to something else and opening the renamed file (open in Word).

Like DieSse, I can't understand the pre-occupation with MS-DOS in this matter. What does worry me a bit is that I thought that Word went from 97 to 2000 without stopping in the intermediate years - but maybe I'm wrong. We are talking Word 98 rather than Windows 98 aren't we claire27?

  Brian-336451 19:15 24 Jun 2003

See email sent from me.

  PA28 19:15 24 Jun 2003

Oh, don't forget that if you rename the file, you need to keep the suffix .doc, or Word won't recognise it. If it hasn't got that suffix now, then it might be helpful if you tell us what it has got.....

  Brian-336451 19:18 24 Jun 2003

Just in case anyone's worrying about the email, I've asked Claire to see if the file will ATTACH to an email, send it to me (or a mate) and I'll see if I have something to open it.

Save as an RTF file and send it back.

  DieSse 23:35 24 Jun 2003

"when i search for it its in MS DOS"

This doesn't have any meaning - can you actually say what happens - A file is not "in MS-DOS" any more than it's "in Windows" - it's just a file.

Exactly what is it about the file that makes you say "it's in MS-DOS"?

Has it lost the extension name - a Word file should be called nnnnnn.doc (where nnnnnn is the name you gave it) - the .doc part says it is a Word document. As PA28 says, there is no such thing as Word98 - it's either Word97 or Word2000 (sorry, but I missed that before).

If you open Word, then use File - Open in the Word menu - exactly what error message do you get - exactly please, rather than just it won't open.

  DieSse 23:39 24 Jun 2003

When you do the File - Open in Word - look at the bottom of the Window that comes up, and see if you can select, in Files of Type, "Recover Text from any File". Then see if it opens and at least presents you with most of the text.

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