MS Document Scanner takes ages!!

  Stressed Mum 13:12 17 Oct 2007

Working my through my consistent problems. A month or so ago I had to purchase a new scanner. Then recently 2 weeks ago I had to reinstall XP and reload MS Office 2003 Pro. Now, when trying to use Office Tools – Document Scanning it takes too long. It appears to scan through really quickly then hangs for the last bit for about 4-5 minutes. I have always previously used MS scanning rather than the Epson software (which works absolutely fine). Not had this problem before…. Don’t want it now either! Anyone a whiz with MS? I have tried their help sites but to no avail. Must be something to do with setting somewhere but I can’t find it. Thanks. SM :(

  Stressed Mum 14:34 17 Oct 2007

Uuumm - has this got someting to do with it? I have just been checking through the updates and it would appear that this update was auto downloaded on 3rd November - just when it all started going wrong again! Is it safe to remove the updates to SP3?

  amonra 15:45 17 Oct 2007

What is the setting for the scan ?
The resolution for print doesn't need to be more than about 300. Black + White, not colour, and output JPEG.
Try setting the scan to 150 just for a trial and see how it goes. If you are scanning at a high rate then the file sizes will be HUGE !

  Stressed Mum 16:40 17 Oct 2007

Ok - have tried that already - but just tried it again just in case - makes no difference - still stalls at the last bit and hangs around for about 5 minutes. Been searching the MS Office help desk and it would appear that this SP3 has caused all sorts of problems - any idea how I can find a link to install a repair patch or similar? Ot should I just remove SP3?

  Stressed Mum 17:52 17 Oct 2007

Uuum - wuld appear that you can't remove it!

  Stressed Mum 18:33 17 Oct 2007

Ok - I have found this post on Microsoft Office forum - appears to fix the problem for other users but as I am not sure how to do this - can someone help me please. No idea how to replace file new with old? Thanks.

click here

Not very well explained for me to follow!

  Stressed Mum 17:02 19 Oct 2007

Not had any luck with this problem. In the end even Microsoft couldn't help me - they even manually uninstalled MS Office 2003 and I still had the problem! So up most of the night uninstalling all Epson products then MS Office then reinstalled office without update of SP3 and then one by one installed the Epson products. Finally got there! No NOT allowing auto updates from MicrosoftEVER again!! This was probably the problem I had VERy originally with my scanner - and was told that I needed a new one!

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