MS Antispy checkpoints (missing?)

  compumac 17:55 06 Jun 2005

I have three PC's all using MS Antispy. In realtime summary it indicates on two of them in the header that 3 agents are currently active and below displays Internet Agent Active (9 checkpoints), System Agent Active (25 checkpoints), and Applications Agent (25 checkpoints). You can then click on each of these in order to see the checkpoint explanation.

My main PC states 18 agents in the header but does not show any detail whatsoever of checkpoints covered. If you hover the mouse pointer over System Agents it displays 25 agents enabled, this applies also to the Internet and Application agents. If you then click on these agents it does not show any checkpoints listed. In fact there is only one checkpoint displayed in any panel and that is Windows Host File Agent - that is shown in the Internet agent window, whereas this checkpoint is in the System Agent panel on the other two PC’s. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice with the same result. Can anyone comment?

  DieSse 18:00 06 Jun 2005

Mine is the same as your first two.

Are they all the same OS?

  compumac 18:03 06 Jun 2005

All XP with SP2, the main PC is home and the others are home and pro.

  Taff36 18:14 06 Jun 2005

Although they are all Beta 1 versions are the builds different. Go to help about MS Antispyware and check. My build version is 1.0.509 and I suspect you may have downloaded them at different times as they have changed a few things.

  compumac 18:37 06 Jun 2005

My main PC with the problem(?) is build 1.0.501 the others other display also 1.0.501 and 1.0.509. But I take your point, I will download the latest verison and advise.

  compumac 19:11 06 Jun 2005

I have uninstalled MS Antispy and downloaded and installed 1.0.509. I still have the same situation as before. On the RealTime page it does indicate 100 checkpoints on duty. the problem,- if it is a problem, - is that you are unable to identify what those checkpoints are. Antispy might be working correctly. If you click on View all events, the hour glass shows and shows and shows....

  compumac 20:11 06 Jun 2005

I now find that I can change the Internet home page and Antispy does not question the change. This would suggest to me that Antispy is not working despite scanning and reporting no problems. There are no logs/events being displayed whatsoever. Any thoughts how to ensure cCOMPLETE removal of Antispy as I have uninstalled using Add Remove programmes and deleting the Antispy programme folder?

  Taff36 20:42 06 Jun 2005

I have only a total of 59 checkpoints between the three agents and that is all there are available. How did you get 100 on duty? You`re making me paraniod know! Ihave Spybot protecting my home page and to be honest I only set up MS Antispy last week just to see if it caught anything my other defenses missed. It hasn`t so far.

  compumac 20:56 06 Jun 2005

How it displays 100 I do not know. But I now am convinced that it is not functioning as both the other PC's show 59 checkpoints and display history/events etc. I wonder if it ever has worked on this PC. As before - if anyone out there knows how to remove the programme in its entirety I would be most pleased to hear from them.

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