MS Access Security

  Gosford 16:49 10 May 2006

I am creating a database that will be used by a number of people and I would like to protect it so that the structure of the database cannot be altered by the people who will view and input data and run queries etc, but can be altered by the person who created it, ie me.

Thanks in advance.

Oh it's Access 2000 by the way.

  Diemmess 17:08 10 May 2006

I am a confirmed fumbler with Access, but 'just for fun' I used the built in Help index, put in Protection and find there is a Protection Wizard which will probably allow you to set security levels as you wish

  Belatucadrus 17:35 10 May 2006

To control access to Access, open the database and then Tools/Security, you can create a user group and define what level of control the users have via "Users and group permissions."
I'd suggest trying it out on a duplicate or dummy database first.

  Crunchy 10:05 11 May 2006

You may also consider using the Database Splitter to put all your tables in a backend file .mde and then your forms etc will stay in the .mdb file. This will enable you to make changes to the forms, reports etc in the .mdb file without replacing the backend file containg the data. This is particularly useful if you want to put the data on a server and your users want to use the same data files.

This can be carried out after you have completed your database. A word of warning on the security measures, do it first before building tables etc, check help details for instructions.

  Crunchy 11:08 11 May 2006

Correction to last posting. The backend file is still a .mdb file but is named backend. The .mde file can be made using the option against the front end file and strips out all the vba code so no-one can change your forms etc. You keep the .mdb file so you can make changes and issue your users with the .mde file.

Sorry for the confusion, I'm a bit out of practice these days.

  Access genu 11:39 11 May 2006

Do not split the database until you have the security working.

1. use wrkgrp.exe to create a new .mdw file.

2. open the database using this new file.

3. Create two new groups, one for users and one for developers.

4. Add yourself as a developer and a test user.

5. Add a password for the admin user.

6. Give the developer group full rights to the database objects

7. Give the user group permissions to the objects, but dont allow them change permissions.

8. Remove the permissions for the admins group, admin user and the users group and user user. You can allow these groups and users read only permissions (which will allow any access database to view the database).

9. open the database using the original system.mdw file and check that permissions have been removed.

10. open as developer and check you can still make changes.

11. open as user and check you cant make changes but can enter details.

12. If it all works, split the database, then take a copy of the new .mdw file and KEEP IT SAFE.

your database should now be secure

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