MS Access database

  Gary Wood 20:06 21 Jan 2006

I am developing an Access database, one of the uses for which will be mail merging letters and mailing labels.

The database records all contain an Area field, which contains an area code in the range 1-10. I've created a query which allows the viewing of records for specific areas (i.e. it filters the data so I can see just area 1, just area 2, etc). Instead of having a separate query for each area I put [Area?] in the Criteria for Area on the query design so that a box appears when I run the query into which I can enter the area code I want, click OK, and then that area is displayed. This all works fine.

However, when I come to try mail merging, the query is not visible in the list of ones I can select in Word! If I make a query without the [Area?] variable in then it works OK (i.e. if I specify "1" as the area criteria).

Can anyone advise what I'm doing wrong?

  Gary Wood 16:03 22 Jan 2006

Searching around on the internet, I found a solution to this.

Within Word, you have to go into Tools > Options > General Tab and select confirm conversion at Open.

This, for some reason, displays a different menu when you select the database as the source for the mailmerge, from which you can select a DDE connection which then gives you the full list of tables and queries from Access.

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