MS Access '97 - value list problem

  Belinda 15:07 17 Jul 2003

I've created a table containing a field with a simple value list in it. All the fields are used produced in a query and there is a form based on the query.

When I try to use the form value list, it looks as though it's been updated with my chosen value, but when I move to a new record, or save and close the database, the next time I go back to that record, the value list has not saved the most recent choice and has reverted either to the default or to the previous selection.

(The value list records progress through a number of stages, such as "not ready yet", "in progress" "completed" "cancelled", so it is important to be able to change which value is selected.)

What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help!

  recap 16:28 17 Jul 2003

Hope I have read into your problem correctly?

Try this, design and test a query that retrieves the records that you want to update.

Choose Update query from the Query menu, or click the Update Query button in the toolbar. In the "update to" cell for the field that you want to update enter a desired expression. If you want to change a particular value in a field enter a value in the Criteria cell.

  Belinda 16:59 17 Jul 2003

Thank you for your effort, recap, but unfortunately it doesn't really solve the problem: I have a large database of clients and need to update individual records according to changes in the progress of business with each client, so an update query would be a bit cumbersome.

  madPentium 18:07 17 Jul 2003

I think this is a bug, I had this problem a few times. The only way I could resolve it was to delete the list box and recreate it. Sometimes it
cured it, sometimes it didnt.

  Belinda 18:13 17 Jul 2003

Thank you. I've tried this several times, too. I'll try it again, in case it decides to work.

  Chris the Ancient 20:39 17 Jul 2003

If you still end up with struggles, the best web site - for Access related problems - that I have come across is...

click here

It is well worth being a registered user of that site and they deal with ALL sorts of apps. I have posted quite a few Access posers there and never been disappointed in the help I've received.

(FE - Sorry to advertise 'opposition', but they are more specific on some apps than this wonderful site)



  Belinda 23:11 17 Jul 2003

Thank you Chris - I'll certainly take a look.

  Belinda 23:37 17 Jul 2003

Chris - I've just been to that site - great recommendation, thank you! (Haven't found a ready-made answer to my problem, so have posted my question there.)

  Chris the Ancient 23:41 17 Jul 2003

You're welcome.

And, so to beddie byes.


  madPentium 00:52 18 Jul 2003

by the way, after upgrading to access 2000 the problem went away :)

  Belinda 11:25 18 Jul 2003

I've fixed the problem by copying a similar (functioning) combo box and pasting that in - it seems to work. Haven't dared try changing it to a value list...

Thank you for your help everyone.

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