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  bennyc 10:00 26 Apr 2003

I would like to know how I can make my Access database so that candidate number is unique within a centre

So it i could have 98765 in the centre 12345, but could also use 98765 in centre 23456.

  Taran 10:40 26 Apr 2003

Would you mind clarifying what this is for ?

It sounds very much like a CLAIT/ECDL or other assignment question.

  bennyc 10:48 26 Apr 2003

Its for my pre-release, my teacher said that I should do something with a update query, but I am not sure what to do with the update query

  Taran 11:38 26 Apr 2003

The update query is used to change one or more existing records in your database table(s).

It is often used where an employee leaves and a new employee takes over their duties. The company database has to be updated to allocate the new employees name and details to those duties previously performed by the person that left.

Sorry, but since this is an assignment I'm not going to specify a solution for you.


Some general hints:

Let's say your centres are of different types. Let's say that in your centres table, the centres are one of the following, academic (school, college, university), drop-in (high street, community centre or outreach centre), or distance (where courses are offered only vie distance learning on the internet). Some of the centres regularly change rolls, so out of the three available choices (academic, drop-in and distance) it may be necessary to update the database quite often.

We could make a form with a drop down list of Centres. We could also have a drop down list of the centre categories (academic, drop-in and distance). You could select Centre A which was until recently an academic institution but has now changed to distance learning only. So selecting Centre A and changing its centre type to distance and saving the change to your database is updating it, even though it has not been done via a direct query.

What you can do is extend this so that your query uses similar options. Select RecordX and change one of its fields to something from a list of known options or where the user types in the relevant value and save the change(s) to your database.


There is a lot of relevant information in the Access helpfiles on action queries (an update query is an action query) and if you run a Google search you'll find plenty of links as well.

By all means, if you want to post again with details of your table structure(s) - field names, primary keys and so on - and how you've linked the tables, I'll look at it for you and point you in the right direction, but I won't answer assignment questions outright.

Good luck with it.



  bennyc 11:52 26 Apr 2003

Thanks for your help

  bennyc 11:58 26 Apr 2003

The fields are:

Candidate Name - text
Candidate Number - number
Centre Number - number
Subject Reference Number - text
Original Mark - Number
Original Grade - Text
Re-Mark Mark - Number
Re-mark Grade - Text
Requested Script - Yes/No
Date - Date/Time

And I've set Candidate number and centre number as the primary keys to resolve the duplication problem.

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