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  lindyloo4 17:15 05 Feb 2004

I have to use a new Access program at work. The inputting font is far too small for me to use on a regular basis.

There is no way to make this font bigger. If I make the font of my whole computer system bigger it just makes the pages too big to view all the boxes I have to complete and there is no scroll bar.

Has any one any suggestions as to maybe magnifying screens or larger monitors to improve the visual size of the font.

Any help appreciated.


  LeadingMNMs 17:23 05 Feb 2004

I presume you are unable to alter the design of the program to increase the font size? I believe it is the employers responsibility to ensure that you are able to carryout your job effectively (i.e they should find a solution so that you can easily see the screen)

  Sir Radfordin 17:24 05 Feb 2004

The simplest way would be to make the input font size on the form bigger...or is there a reason why you can't do that?

  AndyJ 17:39 05 Feb 2004

If all else fails click here

However, make sure you ask the Network Administrator before installation; as LeadingMnMs says, it's your employers duty to make sure you can read it without eye strain (H&S and all that)so make sure they're aware of the problem - you never know, you might get a super-duper new monitor out of it !!

  lindyloo4 17:53 05 Feb 2004

Thanks for replying so quickly.

Yes, I am unable to alter the inputting font myself. My employers are fully aware of my problem and to be fair have said I don't have to use it until I can read the font with ease. Trouble is it is supposed to go into national use next month.

Software has been mentioned but no one has had this problem before so nothing springs to mind straightaway. (I'm hoping for that Super-duper
monitor already mentioned)

Any recommendations for software or monitors?

  keith-236785 17:57 05 Feb 2004

my suggestion would be to alter the screen resolution to 800*600,(right click desktop, properties, settings and move the slider so its at 800*600) you should then get scroll bars to be able to move around (if whoever created the database didn't disable them)

I T departments seem to like to make it near impossible for you to see what you are supposed to work with, if you cant alter the resolution, ask your administrator to do it for you, ask them to stay while you try it out, then if you dont like it they can change it back for you.

you should not be able to enter the workings of an ACCESS program to change the font sizes, just think of the damage you could do (accidentally of course).

this one is going to be down to your I T department whichever way you choose to go, unless you can change the screen res yourself.

best i can offer, good luck

  lindyloo4 18:13 05 Feb 2004

I've already adjusted the resolution, I'm afraid that's what I meant by 'making the font of my whole computer system bigger' - I'm not very technical !

If by some miracle I could find the well paid person with 20/20 vision who invented the program do you think he would be able to guide me into making adjustments.

  lindyloo4 20:02 05 Feb 2004


  Chris the Ancient 21:22 05 Feb 2004

Well, some legend in their own lunchtime obviously got involved there.

If you can't get into the design, you can't change the font. End of story.

When you've gone onto a 'big' screen, that lack of scroll bars is another bit of design tweak that was not necessary. It is a facility that exists in Access design, supressing scroll bars and various other things, but isn't really necessary most of the time.

It does seem, as it stands, that the program has been designed with no real thought for the end user, and your company would not enhance its reputation by putting it into national use.

The work that is needed in going into the design and altering would not be an easy one to do by being talked through it, I'm afraid. And it would not be a quick task. Every bit that has been done too small would have to be checked and altered. A really brilliant programmer could make a quicker method, but again, not one that you could be talked through.

So it looks as though your company has an obligation to go back to the designer and insist on the job being done properly! The designer also ought to be made to cover the cost of the bad design! Any chance?

Sorry that it's not particularly helpful or good news.


  lindyloo4 21:48 05 Feb 2004

Thanks. I'm not being fobbed off then with 'the design can't be altered'. It looks as though the only thing I can do is obtain some sort of magnification.

At least I know I have no problem at all with that. I will definately have to be supplied with something before I use the program.

Thanks to all that replied.


  Sir Radfordin 00:08 06 Feb 2004

paperman27 - my experience is that even when users can see what they are doing they find it easier not to pay attention to what they see! Safer for them to see nothing ;)

You can change the font size used by Windows - though don't know if it will make a difference.

Start/Control Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced/ DPI settings - change from 96 to 120 reboot and see what difference it makes.

Having never done this don't know if it has any danger of leaving you in a mess!

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