MS-6367 Motherboard Problem

  Newuser4165 16:26 12 Nov 2005

I can't get USB2 devices - USB2 PCI card or a USB2 card reader to work on this motherboard.Not detected in device manager.Can someone help out?
USB 1 devices work correctly.USB2 devices will not work in USB1 mode.

  phil46 20:11 12 Nov 2005

Where do you plug these devices??on your MOBO or via a USB2 PCI card??
If it's via a card then if you have other devices connected thats USB1 then the card will run at the slower speed.

  woodchip 20:27 12 Nov 2005

What is your Operating System 98 or ME?????

  Newuser4165 09:22 13 Nov 2005

Sorry I supplied insufficient info:-
WinXP Home with SP2 and all current updates.
Mobo is a MS6367N4 with nvidea chipset.Award V6.00PG bios.
USB1 works correctly.

USB2 flash drive (PNY128MB)connected to USB1 port works as USB1 device.

USB2 internal card reader connected to USB1 mobo header will not work - detection failure.

USB2 PCI card not detected and devices attached to this card will not work.

I've a sneaky feeling that the problem lies with the chipset driver - there are no updates available for it.

I think my best course of action here will be to abandon USB2 for this mobo unless some has an alternative suggestion.

  Newuser4165 09:25 13 Nov 2005

I forgot to say that the card reader,flash drive and PCI USB2 all work in other pcs.

  ACOLYTE 09:54 13 Nov 2005

Have you checked they are connected ok to the mobo,there also may be a USB patch on the mobo cd,there is Nvidea chipset drivers on the nvidea site select platform/nforce drivers,then your mobo chipset.

  Newuser4165 10:52 13 Nov 2005

Acolyte - all devices are connected correctly.

Thanks for your tip - I've finally managed to track down what appears to be an updated driver set for this mobo.
I've downloaded the nforce1/2 update since the serial number indicates that it appears to be an nforce 2 chipset (nforce 220D is shown in the serial no.)and will try to install it later today.

  woodchip 13:54 13 Nov 2005

We are still Lacking info, the board is a MSI ut looks like it a None propriety board, it's made for one manufacturer. so what make is the Computer and can you give us the Chipset on the Motherboard as it looks like the Chipset drivers need loading for your board to support USB2. You can use Everest Home to find the chip info click here

This also may be of help click here

  Newuser4165 17:38 13 Nov 2005

Woodchip - thanks for your help so far.

The pc is a 3 year old Evesham just out of warranty owned by my neighbour.I have checked the Evesham download library for updates but none are present.

Everest shows the chipset as nvidia nforce420D(DDR).

I've checked the nvidia site but there doesn't appear to be a driver for this chipset.
Can you suggest anything please?

  woodchip 18:02 13 Nov 2005

nvidia nforce420D(DDR), is graphics. I mean the motherbord chipset. Like is it Via, Intel, SIS as USB2 drivers can be downloaded for most if running XP

  Newuser4165 08:35 14 Nov 2005

Sorry the the delay in replying - I don't have access to this pc until this evening.
Everest reports that the chipset is nvidia.It is found in the motherboard,chipset,northbridge properties,north bridge section .Am I looking in the correct place?

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