MS 1000 wireless mouse intermittent movement - lethargic.

  compumac 12:16 14 Aug 2012

Win 7, Microsoft wireless mouse 1000. Problem with somewhat lethargic mouse. The mouse on occasions seems to react slowly and then jump to the selected position. Other times works perfectly. Batteries replaced and optical part wiped/cleaned (external).

Any thoughts??

  northumbria61 12:56 14 Aug 2012

I have the same mouse - clean the 4 corner pads (ie: the ones that the mouse slides around on) also remove the batteries and underneath you will find one small screw. If you remove the screw you will be able to lift away the top part of the mouse and clean out all of the accumulated dirt/dust from around the scroll wheel and left/right buttons.

Hope this cures the problem.

  compumac 13:15 14 Aug 2012

northumbria61 Thanks for that. I had already cleaned the four pads and have just tried to access the internals as you suggest and removed the screw, but the top does not seem to want to separate from the lower. It is very, very tight almost as if there was something else holding it back.

  compumac 13:20 14 Aug 2012

I should have added that the left and right hand mouse buttons and the rotary scroll work fine, it is purely the movement of the cursor on the screen not reflecting the movement of the mouse.

  northumbria61 15:31 14 Aug 2012

I can only suggest that you go into Control Panel and adjust your MOUSE settings from there.

  northumbria61 15:36 14 Aug 2012

removed the screw, but the top does not seem to want to separate from the lower

I thought the same but it will separate - there are small lugs around the top plate holding it on - can be eased up with a small electrical screwdriver - however that doesn't appear to be the problem in your case - just a little tip for future reference!

  northumbria61 15:40 14 Aug 2012

Press Wireless Connect button underneath - I am probably stating the obvious here. Only other thing is to try a driver update via Device Manager.

  Woolwell 16:40 14 Aug 2012

Are you using a mouse pad? Have you tried on a plain sheet of paper?

  compumac 17:06 14 Aug 2012


Had also tried on different surfaces but no different.

northumbria61 Yes I had tried mouse settings previously, but just thought that I would look at it again after you suggested it ..................It must have had something to do with the broadcasting of the Olympic Games... the settings for the mouse had gone back to slow.... Set them to fast... All hunky dory now.
Olympic Games --- I have to blame something at my age, it was not me!!!

  compumac 11:22 06 Oct 2012

Mouse still performing erratically. Trying a different USB socket for mouse receiver?

  compumac 12:39 08 Oct 2012

Two years ago, I purchased a Microsoft Wireless keyboard 800 and mouse package. I look at my keyboard NOW and the keyboard is the keyboard 800 and the mouse is the Mouse 1000...????

Northumbria There is no Wireless connect button underneath???

Both the keyboard and the mouse use the same receiver. I have moved the receiver to another USB port, this makes no difference to the jerkiness of the mouse. I have used a Logitech wireless mouse in both the original USB port used by the Mouse 1000 and everything is working fine. A wired mouse works fine. The same Logitech mouse is used in other USB ports and all works OK. So it comes down to the Mouse 1000 itself - I have cleaned the four pads on the underside, have blown out the internals, have wiped the optical part and am now considering the purchase of another complete Wireless Keyboard and mouse, but I do not like being beaten. I realise that I could carry on with the keyboard and also the Logitech mouse but that takes up two USB ports.

Any thoughts as to what else I can do?

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