Mrs spilt coke over laptop

  dougle00 00:24 11 Jan 2007

Hi please help, my Mrs spilt coke over my new dell inspiron and now I'm having probs.

When I press on, the lights came on for 4 secs then went out and comp shutdown.

I put it into airing cupboard and now when I turn it on, it sometimes does the above but other times it boots and comes to a screen telling me that windows had a problem and how would I like to boot eg. normal safe mode etc. Except no matter what I choose it just goes off to a blank screen and goes no further.

Not a lot of coke seemed to make it into the laptop as we got it with a towel.

I am not covered under warranty for liquid damage and I have no accidental insurance.

Please Please help, I have only had this laptop a few months and saved for over two years to buy it.

  dougle00 00:28 11 Jan 2007

What should I do? Apart from murder her?

  dougle00 00:29 11 Jan 2007

Is there any way of diagnosing the module that is faulty? and if it is the hard drive how do I get windows onto a new HD as I was sold the lappy without a windows disk.

  chocolate cake 00:39 11 Jan 2007

Does your house insurance cover this?

  terryf 00:45 11 Jan 2007

Trouble is that Coke is acid and can be used to clean coins like new. I think that your only course is to take to a local repairer (not a national chain) and ask their advice. They may be able to take out the hard drive and copy it to another but where you go from there I don't know. Because you have 2 batteries inside (the power source and also the cmos battery on the motherboard) anything you do to 'wash' out the coke is hazardous.

  terryf 00:47 11 Jan 2007

chocolate cake suggestion is a good one, my son spilt red wine on his carpet and got it replaced, cost around £2000. Try your household insurer.

  dougle00 01:20 11 Jan 2007

Thanks guys, unfortunately I do not have accidental damage cover on my house insurance. I honestly don't think that much coke got inside, it coulda only been a few drops.

My major problem is that I am starting a new business and have commercially sensative info on my harddrive and am not prepared to let a third party see it but I desperatly need it back.

Any ideas?

  ForestChav 01:54 11 Jan 2007

Coke is not only acid but is also incredibly sugary.

With a laptop there are a lot of places where liquid can ingress into the case and get stuck in places where you won't expect it.

The only thing reslly that you can do is leave it to dry in the airing cupboard for a few days (yes, I am being serious) and then try again.

If, as you think, a small amount got in, then it could just need drying out. You should remove the main battery though as it can cause a short circuit when wet.

It is trying to boot though, which is promising. What is the exact message?

  lotvic 02:11 11 Jan 2007

visit click here
choose your model from the list
click on Removing and Replacing Parts
take out your hard drive and (by whatever means you have at your disposal) copy your data (and then burn it to a cd or dvd).

  Diodorus Siculus 03:18 11 Jan 2007

Try getting a new hard drive and install it; then see if the machine starts up.

If no good, send it to someone to fix and hopefully install XP. After that you can connect the old drive and take your data off it.

  Technotiger 03:34 11 Jan 2007

If you can get your hard drive out, then connect to another pc using this ...

click here

you may be able to save your precious data.

Good luck.

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