MPGs won't run in real player or media player

  ernieernie 21:35 13 Jan 2008

I have downloaded a program which successfully converted mov files of my cine films which have been put on a dvd for me into mpg format.
The resulting files run on my computer but they will not run on three other computers I have tried.
The typical response is that real player/windows media player bring up a message saying that they need to download something or other, which they appear to do. They then tell me that my computer is short of a codec which they attempt to download, but nothing happens.
They neglect to tell me what the codec is called and where to get it!
What is the point of real player and its rival if they won't play MPGs?
Helproom to the rescue please.

  eedcam 22:12 13 Jan 2008

If you made a proper dvd it should play on other players >however there are several reasons why not .First perhaps you never made a proper dvd does it show as as video_ts folder when you explore it .If it does then perhaps it is either the type of disc is not compatible with the other players Ia + or- or Rw
Try without needing to convert your Mov files DVD flick its free and will make a dvd that should play notwithstanding the disc format issue click here
Should you choose that path Flicki does not burn by default unless told to .You need to select settings >burn and tick the burn box before you select create dvd

  ernieernie 22:31 13 Jan 2008

Thanks for responding, eedcam.
I am not trying to make a DVD, I am trying to convert a DVD to MPG so that I can carry it to another computer on a flash drive.
Having converted to mpg I can run it on my computer but not on others that I have tried.

  eedcam 22:42 13 Jan 2008

Ah ! well a workaround till you find a solution would be to install VLC player which is free and wwill play almost everything
click here

  ernieernie 19:01 15 Jan 2008

Thanks, eedcam.
VLC Player suits me fine. I have loaded it and the MPGs on to a flash drive and now I can take it anywhere.
Life is now perfect (except I've got a stinking cold!)

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