MP4 to WMV conversion

  User-B4AC5E45-C5DF-44A7-80B2B7B8113A6C82 18:17 16 Nov 2010

My Fujifilm S2000HD camera records video in MP4 format. These files are way too big for emailing so I have been in the habit of uploading them to a File Hosting/Sharing company and forwarding details for downloading to whomever I was sending to.

Out of curiosity I converted a 34Mb file (using OJO Total Video Converter) to WMV format - I was staggered to find that the WMV file was only 4Mb! I thought that the conversion had failed because it went so quick. the video played OK in WMP, VLC and IrfanView(default player).

The converted file attaches easily to an email.

Posted just for info.

  eedcam 18:27 16 Nov 2010

Posted just for info who are you kidding? its a commercial product Plenty of free ones that do the same job

Sorry to disapoint you eedcam, I have no interest in promoting ANY commercial software. The Forum Editor can delete this thread if he thinks as you do.

BTW sarcasm is rather pointless.

  eedcam 22:33 16 Nov 2010

I was not being sarcastic what is the point of an unsolicited post for a bought product when there are free ones available.

Obviously you missed the point completely, in your zeal to find a "SCAM" post, the stated point is that an MP4 file is almost 7 times bigger than the converted WMV file, perhaps you already knew this - I DIDN'T and I could quite easily havwe used any of the other FREE converters that I have - I just didn't realise that I should NOT have mentioned a paid for one.

for sarcastic substitute snide.

I also forgot to post the link on my "scam" thread
click here

What hole would that be or are you of the opinion that my thread is a scam attempt?

  eedcam 09:47 17 Nov 2010

Undyer I accept you may have posted in good faith but had I been desperate to find a scam i would have just put the usual SPAM Fe informed. As is Think about the thread title you posted It looks as if someone may have a problem or need advice on how to achieve this . On reading it being ready to help if possible, I see a commercial product being recommended, which gave doubts as to the reason which I think is a fair assumption to make.There is no harm in mentioning a paid for product within a post if someone has asked for suggestions

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