mp4 question

  yorkieman 21:29 12 Dec 2009

hi i have a lot of mp4 files on my comp, i want to burn them to disc as a data file but my video player will not play them, i have seen a player that says it plays mp4 and mpg4 plus a lot more other files, could this play my mp4 data files ok? or have i misunderstoodclick here

  yorkieman 23:50 12 Dec 2009

well i thoght someone might help but nevermind

  zoobie 03:12 13 Dec 2009

try VLCmedia's free

  yorkieman 13:33 14 Dec 2009

thxs but you misunderstand i can play them on my comp with KMP player ok but i want to play them on a stand alone dvd player my wife can use a dvd player but has a fear of computers

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