Mp3's on a single CD.

  hiwatt 15:33 23 Aug 2009

Hi folks.Just a quick question.I have 200mb of mp3's that I was hoping to fit on a single CD.As the files are already compressed I thought I could do this.Is it possible and would I need a program to do it?Thanks.

  interzone55 15:45 23 Aug 2009

It depends on where you want to play the CD.

If you have a CD player that can play MP3 files,or another PC, then simply use something like Nero to burn them as a Data CD. A CD-R disk can hold over 700mb of files.

If you want to play them on an ordinary CD player you will need to create an Audio CD, but you will encounter a problem, as it's highly likely that 200mb of MP3 files will equate to around 200 minutes of audio (rough average of 1mb per minute), and a CD will only hold a maximum of 80 minutes of audio...

  hiwatt 15:54 23 Aug 2009

Yes it's to play on a regular cd player.I wasn't sure if it was possible but thought it might have been.Thanks.

  john bunyan 16:24 23 Aug 2009

If, for example, you use iTunes to burn an audio CD from mp3, you can get roughly 20 audio tracks per CD, depening on the compression of the original mp3's. iTunes tells you if you try to put too much on.

  crosstrainer 16:35 23 Aug 2009

I know it sounds simple, but why not use 3 700mb cds?

Either that or a standard 4.5gb dvd (possible play problems)

Split them up, label accordingly :))

  octal 16:41 23 Aug 2009

You might want to check the player as some of them are capable of paying back MP3, I know the one in my car does.

  crosstrainer 16:43 23 Aug 2009

Good point, but CD's in most modern players will play. A single DVD will cause problems. Can't even persuade my M5 to play them.

  GaT7 17:15 23 Aug 2009

As alan14 says, audio CDs go by minutes, not by compression - so a regular blank CD will hold a max of 80 mins worth of music burnt as an 'audio' CD.

If the player can run MP3 CDs as octal mentions, then you can fit up to 700Mb worth of MP3 files on a single blank CD. G

  Stuartli 19:43 23 Aug 2009

Some information re Audio CDs:

click here

  hiwatt 11:01 24 Aug 2009

Thanks for all the replys folks.It's a live concert I've got in mp3 format and if I could I was going to put it on a single disc.I want it to play in a standard cd player so I'll just have to use the 2 cd's.Cheers folks.

  interzone55 12:05 24 Aug 2009

You'll need an MP3 splitter to break the file into pieces.

I'm at work at the moment and our web server is blocking me from searching for a suitable program, but if you put MP3 Splitter into google it should find one for you...

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