MP3 and WAV Formats

  SURVEY 16:43 06 Dec 2005

I have succesfully moved a large part of my CD collection on to WAV format on my hard disc (and also on an MP3 Player in WAV format). I am now about to buy a Hard Drive DVD Recorder and am finding that of the two that I am looking at (Panasonic and Sony) they will only play MP3 files.

My WAV files are at 128Kbs and sound fine. It looks as if I am going to have to recode the WAV files to MP3 does it not? Should I obtain a plug-in to directly recode my WAV files to MP3 and if so at what compression to avoid any degradation of quality from my 128kbs WAV files? Alternatively would I be better off starting from scratch (!!) by coding to MP3 direct from the original audio CD's? If the latter at what compression should this be to at least compare in quality with the 128kbs WAV format.

  Mark5001 19:13 06 Dec 2005

If you encode them to MP3 then use the setting in your software for near CD Quality (Around 128KBPS)you will get a perfect sound. MP3 software removes the sounds above & below the range of the human ear. That is why they are so small. So you should get no loss of quality. All my MP3 are at this setting and work perfectly. Then you can burn them from your HDD with nero without converting to wav format.

  john-232317 19:42 06 Dec 2005

Are you sure they only play MP3, most will play cd`s also.

  SURVEY 10:03 07 Dec 2005

dayassa. I appreciate that I could play the actual CD's but what I would like to do is to either transfer some of my WAV files on to the Recorder's hard drive (or play from a WAV CD). If the recorder will not play WAV files then what I need to know is whether I can copy the WAV files to MP3 without any loss of quality from the present WAV format. Would this mean encoding at best quality MP3 from the WAV file? As I hasd said teh alternative would be to use the original CD's and compress them directly to MP3 at goodish quality (what compression to equal 128kbs WAV?).

  SURVEY 10:06 07 Dec 2005

Mark 5001. Are you saying compress my present already compressed WAV files to MP3 at 128kbs? Surely this will further compress the WAV file and reduce its quality?

  €dstowe 10:11 07 Dec 2005

Quality losses only become apparent if you do multiple conversions like WAV -> MP3 -> WAV -> MP3 when a little bit is removed at each conversion process.

I alway keep my original disks when converting to other (compressed) formats - just in case

  SURVEY 10:23 07 Dec 2005

Folks. My brain must be going soft. Of course I mean WMA files rather than WAV. So wherever I have written WAV, it should read WMA!!

  SURVEY 10:27 07 Dec 2005

€dstowe. asee my previuos postig. I do indeed mean WMA, not WAV. So should I try to convert from the WMA files using MP3 at 'best quality' (will this still degrade the WMA quality?)or do I have to go all the way back to the origial audio CD's and save to MP3 (if so at what compression to at least equal the 128kbs WMA quality)?

  SURVEY 11:26 07 Dec 2005

As I confused WAV wih WMA I have started a new posting discussion correctly titled. So I will tick the box to close here.

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