mp3 volume- help please

  dalglish 20:10 18 Jan 2004

Hi guys
I have a portable MP3 player which is fantastic except that all the music is too quiet esp in nosiy environment. I ripped my mp3s from my own CD collection using My MP3 but cannot find any way to increase the music volume.
Any help much appreciated

  wawadave 20:13 18 Jan 2004

what media player?
look for preamp setting.
try this mp3 gain its free you can normalize the volume.
allso best free ripping program is CDex it works grate!

  dalglish 19:36 19 Jan 2004

thanks for the quick response
however, the mp3 player is a Pikaone 128mb portable player whose volume control is ineffective.
There must be a way to increase the volume when ripping.
Would the desktop PC volume properties affect this volume?

  The Spires 20:57 19 Jan 2004
  temp003 02:44 20 Jan 2004

For future reference, usually the setting to look at when ripping an MP3 is something called "normalisation", which allows you to adjust the output signal. Either set it to a range or set it to a fixed percentage. My experince is even with this setting, there will still be a degree of variation in the output volume, but quite acceptable.

The utility suggested by The Spires looks very useful for post-ripping adjustment.

  dalglish 22:48 22 Jan 2004

just to say thanks to all of you for help
much happier!

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