mp3 transfer problems

  SRM662 21:17 16 Aug 2005

In summary, I have purcashed an MP3 (Creative Zen Micro). I can transfer files to the device, see the files on the device, even (I think) play tracks,using the device, via my PC. However I can't seem to be able to listen to these tracks using the device itself.
The 'history' below suggests I have a problem with my PC, somehow.
Anyone any ideas what I should look for to try and correct any problem?

The potted history...

Originally purchased an ipod mini but had problems accessing files on the player. Being new to this thought there may have been something wrong with the player (plus wasn't fussed on this device).
Purcahsed another device and managed to copy files fine, however couldn't hear them on the player. That went back to.
Have now purchased the Micro and managed to transfer and listen to files - but only from another PC.
Using another PC seems to give no problems at all but I can't get it to work on my own.
I'd rather not return another deivce!!!

  Big Elf 21:42 16 Aug 2005

Did you have any problems installing the Creative MediaSource software etc. in your PC?

Have you tried different earphones?

  Napster 2005 21:45 16 Aug 2005

I know you have previous problems but the first thing to do is start basic so try reformatting the mp3 by going to my computer, right clicking and clicking format.
Napster 2005

  SRM662 09:42 17 Aug 2005

No problems installing the software.
Didn't try different earphones as the tracks that I'd copied using another PC were still there and played OK.
May try reformatting the player. Admit I think it unusual that I should need to - as it's brand new and worked fine the first day I'd got it using another PC.

Will give these a go though.


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