MP3 tracks to mobile phone (Sony K700i)

  SteveBut 21:25 15 Aug 2005

I'm having difficulty in transferring MP3 tracks from my PC to my mobile phone. My Sony K700i connects to my Pc but when I transfer an MP3 file to it, the quality is v v poor in comparison to my PC. The phone seems to prefer MIDI files rather than MP3, although it will happilly play MP3s.Do I have to convert the MP3s to MIDI files & if so, does anyone know how to do this, or what application is needed? Are MIDI files higher quality MP3s??? -any help you can provide would be appreciated.

  Pooke 21:36 15 Aug 2005

Mp3's are always going to sound better on the PC rather than on your phone.

Quote "although it will happilly play MP3s"

Then where's the problem? If you want great mp3 playback then up the model of your phone to the new w800 click here or buy ipod or similar.

K700 is relatively old, my partner owned one way back last year.

Midi files are limited mp3 is better.


  SteveBut 21:42 15 Aug 2005

Thanks for that, but I've received an MP3 file by bluetooth & that sounds pretty much perfect, even on the K700i. So theres definitely something involving the transfer which is degrading the quality. The Bluetoothed file had a bitrate quality of 128kb, whereas the file I'm trying to transfer from my PC has a quality of 256kb - any ideas? Could it be the data cable which is degrading the quality?

  daisy2bell 21:45 15 Aug 2005

Try inserting your phone's memory stick into your PC and transfer the mp3 directly into your memory's mp3 folder.

  Pooke 21:50 15 Aug 2005

That model doesn't have memory cards, it has 40mb internal memory.

When we had it we transferred via infra red to the phone and all the tracks sounded the same, quality wise. Can you get a hold of an infra red port or even the blue tooth dongle again?


  SteveBut 21:55 15 Aug 2005

Hmmm, all I've got is a data cable, the other file was bluetoothed direct from another phone, do you think that bluetooth / infra red transfers are the only way to get decent quality files onto the phone?
Thanks again by the way !

  Pooke 22:04 15 Aug 2005

Maybe, at the moment I am using a k300i, way lower spec than your phone. It plays mp3's and they are quite good. I send them via infra red to be honest I don't know what the best method of transfer is. I am waiting on a new Nokia being delivered and I will be using a card reader as it has an mmc card with it.

You could always try and contact the manufacturer or place of purchase and tell them it's not playing mp3's properly/satisfactorily. See what they say.


  SteveBut 22:13 15 Aug 2005

I've been fiddling around abit with the software that came with the phone & am using a program called Sound Editor. I think this is where the problem lies.I record the segment of the track I'm looking to transfer & it does this Ok, but when I goto play the track back that I've just recorded, before even transferring the file to the phone, the quality is pants !Is the Sound Editor software rubbish or do you reckon I've done something wrong?
At least I know it isn't the data cable !

  Pooke 22:18 15 Aug 2005

Do you have Nero? Check to see if you have Nero wave editor, I recommend that. I use it and the results are excellent.

From what you are saying I'd guess it's the "Sound Editor" software.

Another thing, do you have a theme editor for your Sony Ericsson? If not click here


  SteveBut 22:33 15 Aug 2005

Pooke, thanks for your help here, I'll give Nero a try & see what happens, cheers for the link as well, I'll give it a whirl

  joyringtone 14:53 31 May 2006

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