MP3 software

  timsmith259 09:06 06 Dec 2010

Hi good people ive got a Philips go gear 4bg mp3 player, ive been using Microsoft media player 11.

However when i down load music from CD albums it jumbles the all up and i cant get them to go into albums they seem to come up a individual songs.

Anyway i would be grateful for any other recommendations of mp3 software which is free to use and easy to use to.

  gengiscant 11:29 06 Dec 2010

Open the CD and just drag and drop the whole album in its correct order into your MP3 player

  Taurus 20:40 06 Dec 2010

Not sure if it's the same for your player, but my iPod requires the details of every track on the album to be exactly the same, here's what I mean: Right click a track, click properties, open details tab. Note the details regarding artist, album artist, album, and year; all the other tracks should have identical, and I mean 'identical' information except the track number of course. Even a comma wrong or a capital where there isn't one will make the player kick it out of the album or more accurately, see the track as being seperate from the others. I hope this helps, although it's true for the iPod I can't guarantee it will work for the Phillips but it is worth a try.

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