MP3 size. HelllllllllllllPPPPPP!

  AudioVic' 22:41 27 Feb 2003

I tried to send some of the mp3s of me playing keyboard to friends via email, but the sizes of the files were too big. Winzip only scratches the surface by around 10kb off the size of the mp3s which are obviously compressed already.

Any suggestions?

  Pesala 22:45 27 Feb 2003

but I cannot remember the name of the thread. I recall that there is a way to send files of unlimited size by MSN messenger service. That established a link between you and your friends so that the file is transferred directly to them and not stored on a server anywhere.

Other way, of course, is to burn a CD-R and post it. Possibly more convenient if you want to keep your friends.

  Pesala 22:52 27 Feb 2003

click here

The solution about MS Messenger is at the bottom.

  BeeWee 22:54 27 Feb 2003

why not try icq?..great for sending mp3 files and if it doesn't all send in one go...then you can resume another time

  jazzypop 22:55 27 Feb 2003

Play a shorter tune, or play the same tune faster :)

I'm not sure how you created the MP3's, but the bitrate has a significant effect on the file size. Try recording at a lower rate, see if that brings the file size down to a reasonable size. This will have some effect on the quality, but you will be surprised at how low you can go whilst retaining a reasonable quality

Otherwise, search Google for one of the many 'MP3 splitter' utilities. This will allow you to slice your MP3s into smaller sections. However, all this does is make each individual attachment smaller - the net effect is obviously still the same. 6MB is still 6MB, whether sent as one file or 6 x 1 MB.

  Cordy13 22:59 27 Feb 2003

If you don't use MSN try Yahoo, send any size file via Yahoo messenger, mind you, Broadband is recommended!

  Installer. 23:18 27 Feb 2003

Give it a unique title and try a P2P program.

  AudioVic' 23:22 27 Feb 2003

You have been a great help!

Pesala, I went to the thread you mentioned and it sure did help me. I have downloaded the server app. Thanks!

All the best to all of you!

  Installer. 23:24 27 Feb 2003
  ton 00:53 28 Feb 2003

Have you thought of recording them as midi files. I have on my PC a midi version of Tubular Bells 11. This is an hour of music and when zipped, is just 55KB. I can mail it to you if you are interested.

  Audio Vic' 04:23 28 Feb 2003

I do play to midi too and Mike Oldfield lives quite near to me!

However the MP3s are to be converted to cda for recording to Audio cds.

Thank you anyway for your suggestion.

All the best to you!

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