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  haricot 16:23 13 Apr 2008

Hi guys

As some of you know, a techno - phobe I aint!

So my quest on this occasion is based on the fact that my grandson has said " hey grandad why don't you get an iPod "

Now I know that also means it is a sort of MP3 Player and because my need is to play tracks off of off Cd's that I have already loaded onto my computer, I have concluded that for instance when we go on hols and I get a chance to do a bit of sunbathing, instead of changing Cd's all the time I can pre-load on to an Ipod and have an "easier time" in selecting tracks to play etc etc. I particularly like Jazz and Classical music.

So assuming that you'll agree, can anyone advise on the best Ipod or Mp3 player to buy?

As an ex-musician I played an awful lot of gigs over the years that sent me partially deaf. As a result I have to wear hearing aids (digital ones) which is fine but I need to get the best quality sound and volume that I can get from any iPOd/mp3 player.

I will also obviously have to use Headphones ie being on the beach ! and I already have a pair of BeyerDynamic 411's which are not bad but I could probably improve on them as they have seen a bit of service.
All contributions gratefully received.

  MCE2K5 19:00 13 Apr 2008

Have a read through these,

click here

click here

Might help to make your mind up.


  MCE2K5 22:32 13 Apr 2008

Reviews & Prices click here

  haricot 09:37 14 Apr 2008

Hi David . Good to hear from you again.

Crikey , this helproom site seems to get busier and busier dos'nt it. But what a saviour. It surely helps those of us out "in the not too clear wots goin'on" brigade".
PC Advisor is a good egg and you guys who respond are superb.
Thanks for the info. I think that I might have to put
my "Science Blinding" glasses on but I'll work my way thru what you've been kind enough to offer. If I get stuck I'll come back.

Thanks again


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