MP3 repairer

  jacksony 12:06 27 Mar 2004

I have an mp3 made from a CD I owned. I then sold the CD. When I listened to the mp3, I discovered it has a tiny little skip in it near the end of the song, for about half a second, which is annoying when I listen to it.

Does anyone know of any trialware/freeware that could repair or smooth out this skip? Thanks.

  anon1 14:03 27 Mar 2004

A simple "google" search found this click here

  pj123 14:36 27 Mar 2004

You are treading on very dodgy ground here. Check out PC Advisor Magazine 106 May 2004, page 128. You only buy the "right to listen to that music on that particular medium. It doesn't give you the right to copy it to another medium such as CD." The British Phonographic Institute is aware that the practice is quite common and the practicalities of the situation mean that you are highly unlikely to be prosecuted. Nevertheless, it's important to bear in mind. Possibly more so in your case as you have now sold the original medium.

  anon1 16:05 27 Mar 2004

Well the same thing applies to video recording the televison too. It is in fact illegal to video tape television programs but who worries about it. I think the record industry makes enough money on sales. That being said if I want a song on my mp3 player I will rip it myself as I have yet to see mp3 memory sticks that are pre-recorded on sale in any shop

  pj123 16:34 27 Mar 2004

anon1. Yes, I agree with you. But it is not us "simpletons" who are the targets. If I borrow an Audio CD or a DVD from my library and make many copies and then sell them that is a different matter. I have 100s of cassettes, reel to reel, and LPs that I copy to CD to listen to in my car. But I don't sell them to others.

  anon1 19:12 27 Mar 2004

well a little bird tells me that library cd's are now being produced with anti computer protection. ;-)

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