mp3 problems

  *jay* 17:58 31 Jul 2006

i have recently brought a new MP3 player. But when i put music on to the memory card the player doesn't read the music. i have try different music formates like mp3 and wav still no look . do u have any ideas what to do

  andrew-196854 19:09 31 Jul 2006

what mp3 player do you have?

  skidzy 19:58 31 Jul 2006

Try going to the manufacturer's web site and update the firmware on the mp3.

Alternatively copy your music to a folder on your pc,so they are saved,format the card and load your songs back to the card.

If either of these do not work,you may have a dud mp3 player.

Are you sure they are mp3 and not WMA files ?

Try converting your files with this little program,Even if your system says they mp3 still convert them to mp3 with this program.And reload the songs.
Hope this helps

  *jay* 19:00 03 Aug 2006

the MP3 player i have is a samsung YP-NDU player.

  *jay* 19:01 03 Aug 2006

i have already converted them to see if that works but it does play WMA files as well

  sean-278262 19:09 03 Aug 2006

What are you ripping the music with? Were the files purchased online? If so as far as Im aware the Samsung range dont support and DRM'd music files (DRM = Digital rights management).

Sounds to me like you are either ripping at too high a bit rate, too low or are using MP3 pro which is also not supported on almost all mp3 players.


  skidzy 15:04 04 Aug 2006

What about to write not 100% sure about,but did you take your songs from Itunes and load them to your mp3 player.
If you have taken your songs from itunes,theres a good chance they will be limited to play on a sony product like an Ipod or sony walkman mobile phone.Hence what Creature of the Nite has stated regarding DRM files.He is correct that any files with DRM are normally associated with Sony gadgets.

Are you 100% sure that the format has been changed to mp3 and not in aac (advanced audio coding) because if it is the latter,these will not play on your Samsung player.

One more thing,did you try to update the firmware ?

Hope this helps

  *jay* 19:04 05 Aug 2006

yes i am 100% sure that they are just normal mp3 formates and i did try to update the firmware.

  sean-278262 19:10 05 Aug 2006


You are not really helping. Try answering the questions I posed to you in my first post otherwise we just cant really help you. Too many reasons that it wouldnt be working.

  *jay* 19:12 05 Aug 2006

i am using express rip. yes the files was purchased online.

  sean-278262 19:14 05 Aug 2006

Where were they purchased?

I 99.99% guarantee they will not play without you breaking the law to get them to.

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