mp3 problem

  imstuck 17:56 30 Jan 2006

hello, i'm having a problem with my mp3. i go through the procedure of transfering the music onto my mp3, everything seems fine and the music seems to load onto the mp3 but when i play it there is no sound as if there is no music on the mp3. I've transfered the music files hundreds of times before with no problems,, and when i check everything i.e. usb cable, mp3, the music is there, apparently but no sound. It is defiantley not the mp3 player. my pc
recently went kaput! on me( possibly virus!) i had
reinstall windows xp on to it, can anybody help?

  GrahamP 18:19 30 Jan 2006

Are your headphones working? How do you know it's not the mp3 player?

  imstuck 18:40 30 Jan 2006

GrahamP - It not mp3 player because i have 3.
I have tried them all, with same results

  GrahamP 18:56 30 Jan 2006

Can you see the files on the mp3 player in Windows Emxplorer?

  imstuck 19:11 30 Jan 2006

yes can see files on windows explorer

  imstuck 19:12 30 Jan 2006

yes can see files on windows explorer

  GrahamP 13:21 01 Feb 2006

If you can see via windows explorer that the files have successfully downloaded onto the mp3 player then this is pointing at the player, the headphones or the battery. But you say the same thing is happening with another two players so unless all three have decided to give up the ghost simultaneously then this is unlikely.

Have you reinstalled the transfer software since your pc went kaput?

  Mike D 15:25 01 Feb 2006

I have just seen a similar problem with a Goodmans MP3 player belonging to a friend, the cause was DRM related to Windows Media Player (they had WMP 9 installed). Solution in this case was simple, once I had installed WMP 10 I was able to Rip the CDs and then Synchronise with the MP3 player. This worked a treat, rather that the drag and drop- method of file transfer.


  Swampy 15:49 01 Feb 2006

Can you play the files directly from the MP3 player through the computer using Winamp, Windows Media Player or similar? Have you tried reformatting the MP3 player memory?

Just a thought!

  imstuck 19:07 01 Feb 2006

i've tried to update windows media player but a box comes up stating ' system restore turned off, if continue will be unable to use system restore to restore windows media player that is part of this version of windows, it is recommended to turn system restore on'.

When i try to turn system restore on a box comes up stating ' encounted n error trying to enable one or more drives, please restART COMP AND TRY AGAIN, WHICH
does'nt seem to work.

i can not play my mp3 player

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