MP3 players/ storeage - What do you use

  Dark Knight 15:00 14 Feb 2004


I am looing to primarily purchase a device to be able to store and transfer data from home to university! Although I have considered flash drives etc the duel use along with MP3 player and storage device combined looks good to ensure my money is not wasted once I leave university!.

In short I am lookin at click here MuVo 128mb device

click here another Muvo device the 1.5gig hard disc. (perhaps someone can clarify - It specifies use of usb2 and I only have usb1.? can I still use but at a slower speed?)

And finally click here a special 256 Mb device from the ever present Morgan!!

These are what I have looked at so far but would certainly consider any other recommendations! I have heard that H/d drives are not as good as solid state - is this true? I would appreciate any comments, reccomendations

thanks in advance

  dcc69 15:20 14 Feb 2004

I have an Mp3 player, but not for the same reasons as you, but I can still offer some advice. I have an I-River 195tc which has 512mb and is very good(one of the best on the market). Try click here it is very good with every mp3 player available. I would advise a portable mp3 player(max. 1Gig.) rather than a hard drive mp3 player because from the sound of things you are not wanting to store that much information. But again i would tell you to look at the site as they not only have all the players on the market, but they also have the best prices. Service is great and very professional, i hope this is gives you some help ;)

  ton 16:23 14 Feb 2004

I would advise an mp3 player that will take a compact flash card. CF cards are the cheapest for the amount of memory click here

Lots of cameras and PDA's also use these cards.
The site mentioned by dcc69 is good for the players, cards (and card readers) are cheaper at the site I mentioned.

  Dark Knight 18:00 14 Feb 2004

Thanks for that - looks a great site!

Ton - I currently use a camera with smart media but if buying new in the future would definately consider compact Flash. 7-day shop is a regular stop off for me and I agree their prices are always very competitive!

Since looking at click here I have identified the below player as a potential mainly due to the smart media expansion option (compatible with my camera).

Has anybody had experiance with Xclef players before?? Even better has anybody got this player?

Xclef MT-300 Sports 128MB MP3 Player

  daba 20:21 14 Feb 2004

Seems like Dark Knight is suffering the same problem as me.

I'm too am looking to buy a reasonable but cheap preferably (considering the amount of use it will get) USB memory stick/mp3 player.

Having looked at (seems like) hundreds on the web, I went out the other day to Dixons and Currys to eyeball and listen to a selection, but guess what, between them they only had the Creative MuVo.

Where are all the others? Surely the "consumer electronics giants" like "D" and "C" wouldn't miss out on such a big market? Where can I listen to them? Where do I find out things like battery life? etc.

One I'm looking seriously at is the Aries MIN-MP3-128-11, which I can get for just under £58 at (Watford Electronics.

Its 128MB USB Flash Drive, MP3 player, FM radio, and Voice recorder, back-lit LCD display, kitchen sink etc..

It's getting good reviews but I've not seen one mention of battery life.

If anyone has bought one of these, please pass on your comments - TIA

  Dark Knight 11:02 15 Feb 2004

I can see why you like the look of this baby! it is feature packed. I have not seen many players that have a radio and screen for a little under £60 quid. The pictures on the website look quite good also!

However, as you mention no no information on battery although most do seem to quote very similar times!

However I think I am heading down the Xclef root simply becaus for an extra £20 I get an expandable slot (with smart media to match camera) - major disadvantages 1 its 60grams 2 its not got a radio 3 it is still £20 more expensive than the cheaper ones!

My main woryy with either of these is the brand! I have never heard of Xclef and always a little wary of shop own brands.

Has anybody got anything made by Xclef? any comments?

  temp003 11:30 15 Feb 2004

It's very personal, difficult to say what is best. In terms of price per MB, the hard disk players are naturally cheaper, but you don't really need that much storage (and hard disks are more susceptible to physical damage).

A usb2 device can work on a usb1 port, at the slower speed.

I personally prefer one of those pen drives with flash memory and a built-in USB plug. The plug is useful especially if you intend to take it between home and uni for transferring files. You don't really want to carry a cable with you.

The idea of interchangeable flash cards is nice, but in practical terms it doesn't attract me. There's no difference between renewing your music files on the built-in flash memory, and renewing the files on the flash card, unless you intend to buy another (or more) cards just for storing a different combination of songs (I suppose it's useful when you're on holiday, then you're not limited to the fixed amount of built-in storage).

The iRiver brand recommended by dcc69 is a good name, reliable and reasonable.

Locally (in Hong Kong), we have a huge choice but not sure what are available in the UK.

I use a WeWa player. Probably not a big name in England, but very popular in Hong Kong with loads of models. But the Wewa prices on don't look particularly competitive.

  daba 17:19 15 Feb 2004

I have found more info on the Aries Blue Thunder 128MB MP3/Radio/Voice recorder I mentioned above.

One site said the FM radio quality was poor (how's that for honesty !).

Concencus is battery life is around 10 hours for a AAA battery. Thinking now I could use NiMH AAA rechargeables I already have....... Or, better still, wait for a similar priced rechargeable (via USB) player

Also I've seen the same player marketed under different names (badged). This could also be the case with Xclef, once you've got a picture of it, scour the other ads see if anyone else is selling same device different name.

  Dark Knight 20:38 15 Feb 2004

you did not specify what other names the player is badged under! I would be interested. I have not seen the Xclef anywhere else!!

I has the same idea re Ni-MH bateries.

From what I have read most of the onboard radios on lower spec systems are not very good (I stand to be corrected!). This is one of the reasons why I am not too worried about this feature!

  daba 23:45 15 Feb 2004

Me neither, I want one for My Music.

As far as badged Aries devices go (and Aries may be a badge itself), i found a couple but can't remember the search criteria on google to find them again.

Anyway if you keep scanning the ads long enough (I've been looking for over a week), you'll soon spot the look-alikes, and that applies to the sites as well as the goods on display - "same-y"

  dcc69 00:09 16 Feb 2004

X-clef is a good make of mp3's i think its the fact that mp3's havent taken off on the consumer markets of shops yet and they are still quite unknown. The i_bead 150 is a good player that plugs straight into the usb port, I have a friend who owns one and he says it is very good.

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