MP3 player won't install, XP problem?

  Joaquina 20:06 16 Feb 2008

I bought my Dad (a technophobe) a SAMSUNG YP K3 MP3 player. He has Windows XP. When putting the disc in to install, it takes him to an old internet page telling him to install Windows XP starter pack 1. I wondered why but tried anyway. He has DIAL up, no broadband. This takes FOREVER and just will not download, always an error comes up before the supposed download time of over 5 hrs comes up? If you give up and try again, the disc now only goes to the same internet page and tells you to download the same thing, there is no way to bypass it.
1 - is there no hope?
2- is there a way to download this Starter pack 1 quicker?
3- Why does he require this?
I have installed the player on my laptop to test it and it does work, so its not the player!
I would appreciate any advice! THANKS.

  Clapton is God 20:11 16 Feb 2008

Not sure what you mean by "starter pack 1"

Do you mean Service Pack 1.

XP is now on Service Pack 2, so if he hasn't got it, I'm amazed.

To see which Service Pack is installed right click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and choose Properties. That will tell you the operating system and Service Pack level

  Joaquina 10:36 17 Feb 2008

oops, yes I meant service pack 1. I know what you mean, I thought he had it all on his computer. However, this installation disc now only goes to that internet page and won't allow anything else? I don't know how to bypass it. If for example if he had service pack 2 on his computer, how can I move on and insatll the player?

Thanks for your reply 'Clapton is God'!!!

  ellie82 12:12 17 Feb 2008

i would suggest doing a windows update, go to the microsoft windows update website and download any updates and try again. I wouldnt recommend reverting back to sp1 if he has sp2. theses service packs are created for a reason, so i would run with sp2 if that is what he already has.

try a software download from the mp3 player manufacturer instead of the disc?

mp3 players can be frustrating! i have had lots of mp3 problems!

  Clapton is God 17:56 17 Feb 2008

You say your friend only has dial-up and no BB, thus to download XP SP2 (which includes all SP1 components) will probably take about 3 months. ;-((

Probably best to order it on CD from Microsoft click here

  Clapton is God 17:57 17 Feb 2008

For 'friend' please read 'Dad'.

  Joaquina 18:57 17 Feb 2008

I suspected that answer about broadband. Thanks for the link.
Many Thanks for your help and advice guys.

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