MP3 player syntax error

  bananaz 11:42 11 Aug 2006

Hi, ive been playing with a MP3 player (like an ipod nano, but made by OEM)
It is a 4Gb flash drive & shows up as a removable storage hard drive, so i just drag & drop the music onto it in the normal way etc..
The problem i have found, is that when i fill up the MP3 player, it changes some of the file labels into some very strange symbols like this: )p- v1Év.WB_)

The MP3 player does not show this awful jargon on its main root menu & only shows the folders/tracks that will play.
Ive plugged the MP3 player back into my PC & have found that a couple of albums on the MP3 player are fine & not corrupt & yet they dont show on the screen of the MP3 player.
If i try & delete or open these corrupt labeled folders i see the message:

'Not Accessible' 'The file name, directory name, or volume label sytax is incorrect'

It seems to occur when i go over 2Gb of music.
All music i am putting onto the MP3 player is 100% fine & in the correct format. The only way i can remove these corrupt folders, is to do a format of the drive. I have even selected a previous corrupt folder & dropped it the MP3 player by itself, with no other folders on it & it plays perfectly.
This is the second MP3 player i have tried as the first one behaved in exactly the same manner.
Would you say this is a 'dud' cheapy MP3 player? Or am i missing something?
I have already dug a hole to bury it in my garden, in anticipation that technically this MP3 player is 'pants' lol.
Thanks in advance kind ppl.

  bananaz 23:57 15 Aug 2006

Just to close this post & also hopefully help others in a similar situation:

The MP3 player is part of a huge scam.
The player is only infact 2Gb. It has been flashed & had a new set of instructions installed to make it think that it is 4Gb in size, which does show up as a 4Gb removable drive when plugged into a PC.
This fully explains why some music files became corrupt, when the storage went over 2Gb.
The people who do this to the MP3 players know that a 4Gb MP3 player will sell for more profit than a 2Gb player.
There are 1000's of these imitation nano MP3 players on the market, mostly on aution sites & they all claim to be double the capacity that they actually are. I have read many forum posts about this scam & most people seem to have ended up with a 512Mb or 1Gb player, so the one i have been playing with is one of the lucky one's, as 2Gb is still quite a large storage device.
The moral of the story:
Buy the real thing, as you know for sure what you are getting!

  vinnyT 14:38 16 Aug 2006

Interesting, thanks for the 2nd post.

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