MP3 Player Sound Quality

  Jason-211945 16:38 13 May 2005

I have a NAPA 256LCD MP3 player. All of a sudden, the sound has lost quality. Basically it sounds all distorted! I've reformatted it, I've erased everything and put it back - still no joy. Any ideas?

  Curio 20:11 13 May 2005

Check the Headset socket and plug for good connectivity. Also check any switches/buttons for dirt. If not that, no other suggestions other than checking troubleshooting in your paperwork or as a last resort, send it back if under warranty

  Curio 20:12 13 May 2005

Also check state of battery

  Curio 20:15 13 May 2005

And confirm Headset is working OK

  Jason-211945 17:18 16 May 2005

Tried all of the above to no avail. Took it back to Dixons who said that there was a problem affecting small numbers of these products. The headset connection within the unit sometimes 'disconnects' a little causing the sound quality to diminish considerably. They happily exchanged it for a new one which, I'm glad to say, works fine. For a budget MP3 player, it's not a bad little unit either!

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