MP3 player - sound isn't right?

  cheechman 21:29 01 Jan 2006

I bought a Philips HDD085. After having lots of problems getting the pc I am currently working on to recognise the device I managed to download a few CD's onto the machine. Unfortunately it sounds awful. The best way I can describe it is as a band in a very small venue with the music (and bass?) being far too loud.

I used the snc facility within MP10 as instructed and all tracks sound the same even though they lay OK in a CD player.

Any suggestions??

  pauldonovan 22:35 01 Jan 2006

On an ipod at least, there are several 'effect' settings, like bass boost, treble, stadium etc.

Could one of those be set?

The sound on MP3 players isn't as good as what you'd get from a decent hifi - is it an expectations thing ? If not then you may have a genuine problem with the device.

Try locating and playing the MP3/sound file on your PC to see if it sounds ok played there. Also try switching headphones to another pair.

If all this fails might be worth a trip back to shop / send back to mail order retailer.

  madPentium 00:00 02 Jan 2006

did you get mp3 songs from the internet and put them onto the mp3 player? or did you convert some of your music cds?
Either way, what is the bitrate of the mp3 files you put onto the player? I think windows is set to the minimum as default, which can sound rough.

  Totally-braindead 01:08 02 Jan 2006

I'm with madPentium on this and this is the first thing I would check, you could do one track from a CD again and this time go for a higher bitrate say 192bps and see if thats any better, if not my next suggestion is check the bass settings as pauldonovan has suggested and the last idea try different headphones as a few MP3 players come with really pitiful headphones and getting a decent set may cure it.

  007al 01:34 02 Jan 2006

Do you have dynamic bass boost on?

  cheechman 11:10 02 Jan 2006

Thanks for all your suggestions. I will try them and see if the problem is remedied.

Its definitely not an expectations problem. Its really crap.

I may be without a machine for a week or so so it will be some time before I can transfer the CD's again. The only machine I will have access to will be my work laptop which doesn't seem to allow the full version of MP10. I guess this is because it doesn't have a CD writer.

  dms05 12:01 02 Jan 2006

I had a problem where the MP3 bit rate was set higher than the MP3 player could handle. Produced awful sound. 192kbps seems a good universal setting.

  cheechman 20:39 03 Jan 2006

Tried copying the CD's at the 192 rate and made sure they were MP3 format. No difference. Looks like a trip back to the shop.

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