MP3 Player sorting play list's

  ACOLYTE 13:20 29 Nov 2006

I just brought a 2gig MP3 player from tesco for my son for Xmas,it works fine and is quite good for what he need's,i thought i would add songs to it for him as well.

But how do i get them too play in the same order as they appear on the cd,i have ripped them and copied them in order to the player but they play jumbled is there a way with MP3 players that allows you to organise them?.

I have read the instructions,and it says nothing about organising the order just that they may not play back in the same order they were copied,so do i have to keep adding and deleting till i get the right order?,or is there a knack to it.

  ACOLYTE 16:25 30 Nov 2006

NO worries.

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