Mp3 player software, whats the best?

  nar 22:30 05 Sep 2005

Ive got a philips hdd070 mp3 player that had musicmatch given away with it and its cr£p.

Can anyone suggest a programme that is easy to use and puts tracks in the right order?

What do you use????

  Diodorus Siculus 22:36 05 Sep 2005

iTunes from - excellent ripper and organiser of music.

  nar 22:46 05 Sep 2005

will itunes work on my philips player i thought only worked on ipod

  Diodorus Siculus 22:50 05 Sep 2005

No idea I'm afraid. I don't have a portable mp3 player - although with the advent of BBC podcasting, I might be tempted.

  Stuartli 22:55 05 Sep 2005

I downloaded QuickTime 6.5 today and iTunes software comes with it although I've not investigated its potential yet.

  daba 00:40 06 Sep 2005

does all I want from a player, and it certainly isn't cr£p, as you say.

it has always done all i've asked of it, many times exceeding expectations of such a cheap package.

like, for instance, on the fly ripping of CD to mp3, (yes I know its not the only one now, but it must have been one of the first to do it), burning audio CDs that actually play everywhere, including in the cars (something Nero can't quite manage), a comprehensive set of facilities for managing your audio library, and many more.

perhaps the bundled musicmatch you got is an old version... why not check out the latest.

perhaps its just a case of "the better the devil you know", as i've used it for over 4 years, and haven't seen the need to try anything else...

  Stuartli 09:26 06 Sep 2005

>> burning audio CDs that actually play everywhere, including in the cars (something Nero can't quite manage),>>

Never had any problem in this respect and my VW's superb Gamma system, with a 6 disk CD autochanger in the boot, is now six years old.

  nar 09:36 06 Sep 2005

yes ive got edition 9 and it still can't put tracks from cds in the right order. i mean surely this should be a basic function of the programme

  Stuartli 10:11 06 Sep 2005

Edition 9?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:34 06 Sep 2005

Why not try the lastest one then?

  Belatucadrus 11:12 06 Sep 2005

Have you got "Track number" selected in the "New tracks directory options" window ?

Options/Recorder/Settings then click on the tracks directory button.

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