mp3 player not working

  morgueman 17:58 02 Oct 2008

Hello all, hope someone can help me with this problem. My daughter has a pink Acoustic solution 2GB MP3 player, which has just stopped working!
It says something about Fat32 file corrupted and when its plugged into the pc, the removable disk, f, that appears will not allow the menu to be accessed, it just causes the My Computer panel to freeze!
I looked on the internet and saw something about reformatting it, but i havent a clue how to do that!I run windows XP and would be very grateful for any help please! Thanks

  baldydave 20:47 02 Oct 2008

to format - plug mp3 into pc go to my computer and pick mp3 drive if you can then right click and pick format,make sure you choose fat not ntfs click ok.
please note this will delete all data on the mp3 player

  morgueman 00:31 03 Oct 2008

Thanks baldydave, the problem is i cant access the menu for the removable device (the mp3 player) so i cant see or get to anything saying mp3!

  ambra4 00:46 03 Oct 2008

“The problem is I can’t access the menu”

You don’t have to access the menu just right click the F drive and click format

  Shortstop 09:07 03 Oct 2008


I've had this happen a couple of times now - with the 8GB MP3 player that was a free gift for subscribers of PC Advisor. I couldn't select the drive and plugging in the MP3 player froze Windows Explorer - just like you - so I could not right-click & select format.

I overcame this by using the DOS prompt [Start>all programs>accessories>command prompt] then entering Format X: with a space after it [change X to the letter of your drive].

You'll lose all the tracks on the player, but I assume that you have these backed-up elsewhere and/or can simply reload them.



  morgueman 13:14 03 Oct 2008

Thanks for all the help and advice, but i managed to get into the menu by right click and then just leaving it for about 10 minutes and it just appeared, so was able to reformat has suggested by baldydave, but thanks again anyway.

  ambra4 15:08 03 Oct 2008

Tick box and click resolved

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