MP3 Player.

  morddwyd 10:20 17 Jan 2014

Looking for an mp3 player for my wife, but have seen some fairly mixed reviews.

She only has the use of one hand, and very limited dexterity in that, so touch screen would probably be better than buttons, unless they are massive.

Mainly to be used for podcasts, loaded by me.

Not too bothered on price, but a top of the range iPod might make me think twice about paying for features she'd never use!

Tablets and such are out, she doesn't have the mental capacity any more (a woman who once computerised a local library, entirely on her own, including hardware and software - breaks my heart); at the moment she's using my Galaxy Note, but that is a bit large, and she really needs full, closed, headphones rather than in ear bids.

Be grateful for suggestions - been thinking Sony (poor reviews) and iPod (overly complicated?).

  alanrwood 11:54 17 Jan 2014


Are you bothered about size and whether it looks modern or not. I may have a player which although about 8 years old is almost unused. If you are interested as a gift then I will have to check it out in my loft and see if it is still there. I had a few of these new from when I was the European Support for the far eastern manufacturer.

  morddwyd 13:49 17 Jan 2014


Thanks for your very kind offer.

Size and simplicity are the main criteria, as my wife only has limited dexterity in the one hand (the other one is totally paralysed).

The Gakaxy Note 1 which she is now using is a bit large, and a touch screen and/or very big buttons are needed.

I suspect the one you have may be a bit large.

  rdave13 13:57 17 Jan 2014

Have a look at the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB MP3 Player. The player is small but the buttons look to be a decent size. You tube video to give an idea.

I've been searching google and this is the only one I came up with. You will need to buy headphones for it. More info at Amazon.

  Woolwell 14:07 17 Jan 2014

I've used a Clip for a while and the button is a bit small. I now have the Sandisk Zip which is still small and could be difficult for one handed use. The Sandisk Sansa Fuze+ may be more suitable. Separate headphones will need to be bought for all MP3 players.

  morddwyd 16:45 17 Jan 2014

Thanks. I'll have a look at that.

Headphone4s are not a problem - we already have several. The only reason I mentioned them is that I thought some players came with a non-standard socket but I now know i'm mistaken.

  morddwyd 17:30 17 Jan 2014

Just an update so far. I think the wheel on the older Fuze might be better for my wife than the navi-pad on the more modern Fuze +. Her touch is no longer that sensitive.

  rdave13 17:51 17 Jan 2014

I thought that. The Fuze + swipe action isn't that good according to one user I watched but it is a bigger version.

  alanrwood 19:16 17 Jan 2014


I have uploaded a graphic file showing the mp3 player just for your additional info. It has a built in 40GB hard drive and rechargeable battery.

click here is the bottom item if you get to the site and it does not just give the picture


  morddwyd 19:27 17 Jan 2014

Thanks for the trouble you took.

I think at 5 inches it will be a little too large, but I do appreciate the offer.

  rdave13 19:42 17 Jan 2014

morddwyd , this site, even with some irritating faults at times, is the best I think. Even though alanrwood 's very kind offer isn't quite what you need it's nice to know you have ' friends' here that try to help. I do hope you get what you need for your wife. Best of luck.

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