MP3 Playback.

  morddwyd 19:59 27 Mar 2011

Running Win 7 64 bit with an Audigy soundcard.

Should I play my downloaded MP3s (mainly classical, bit of jazz) straight to headphones through the soundcard headphone socket, or use the line out to my Hi-Fi and use the phones (same phones, decent Sennheiser set) from the Hi-Fi?

  canarieslover 20:28 27 Mar 2011

Go straight from your sound card. You are then cutting out any noise or distortion that may result from the extra circuitry that will be used by going through your HiFi.

  morddwyd 20:57 27 Mar 2011

What? My Denon introduce noise and distortion?

Perish the thought (but thanks for the response!).

  eedcam 22:25 27 Mar 2011

Simple answer what does your Lug'oles tell you

  morddwyd 07:41 28 Mar 2011

Some tracks will undoubtedly sound better using one system and some using the other - Beethoven is a different proposition to Brubeck after all, but I'm looking for overall quality, and I don't really want to set up a dual phones system, or spend a week swapping leads while I sample tracks.

Simply, where is the purer signal, at the headphone socket or the line out socket?

  mooly 08:33 28 Mar 2011

"Simply, where is the purer signal, at the headphone socket or the line out socket?"

As an audiophile and music lover dare I say that MP3's/ soundcards/ PC's don't even come close lol...

but to answer your question as a generalisation.

It depends on the circuitry but normally a line output would be considered superior to a headphone output.

The phones out could be from a Class D (for efficiency and economy of power use) output stage that is ill matched to "line input" impedances. Class D also carries a lot of "switching artifacts".

A line output feed is normally a buffered signal from the DAC fed via a reasonable quality low power but linear output stage.

  morddwyd 08:36 28 Mar 2011

Thank you.

  QuizMan 08:38 28 Mar 2011

Sorry to disagree with canarieslover, but I listen via line out/hi-fi and the quality seems better that way. Technicians may be able to explain that, but I do not fall into that category. I suspect (although I do not know) that the bit rate of the MP3 may have a bearing on this. Personally, I struggle to notice any difference above 128 Kbps.

And, snap - mine is a Denon amp too.

  morddwyd 09:21 28 Mar 2011

PS I agree with your comments on audio quality.

However, after a lifetime spent around around jet engines I can't afford to be too picky about which frequencies I can hear!

  eedcam 18:52 28 Mar 2011

cant say I agree with beethoven vs brubek though if you find one sounds better via one or the other source then thats waht I posted your ears are the guide for you .Personally I go for the Hi fi route and never via phones nor Mp3 for that matter but then thats my Lug oles Ha!

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