mp3? or ipod?

  snowy30 01:24 18 May 2004

I was asked advice on the mp3 players and ipods. Personally, I don't know that much about them, only the ipod is made by apple and I assume mp3 is made by microsoft, and they both can do the same kind of job of playing music.

Is there much difference between the mp3 player and ipod?

  ste_bla 05:25 18 May 2004

MP3 is the file format where as IPod is a device which stores and plays said mp3 files.

Most mp3 players are harddrive based meaning they have a little hard drive which stores the mp3s and then you can play them off the HDD. A good quality MP3 takes around 4mb for a song (avg) and so a 20gb player will have a weeks worth of music if not more.

Lots of people feel that IPods are little over priced and not a good battery life, and is just a fashion assecory but then others say best thing since sliced bread.

A good alternative is an IRiver from, like the ipod it is a harddisk based mp3 player but seems to have better reviews.

Just goto amazon select mp3 players (will inc IPod coz that is an mp3 player)and just look at the reviews give you a good idea..

If you want more info help just post again...

  ste_bla 05:30 18 May 2004

You could also go for a CD player that plays MP3 CDS

If you have a CDWriter burn mp3s onto a CD and play in a mp3 cd player they would hav as much storage (750mb) but then you can play normal CDs too.

  byfordr 09:45 18 May 2004

click here
A recent thread I posted. I ended up going for a i-river as I thought the sound quality, features and battery life were a lot better than with ipods. I got it on Friday and have so far filled up 30gb of the 40gb. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Pc pro has a mass mp3 player test this month, and I'm sure it won't be too long before Pc Advisor does one.



  BLACK CATS 10:19 18 May 2004

or you could have a look on e-bay if you dont want to spend megabucks . I bought an mp3 player for £55 (inc postage) - it has 256mb drive and is really excellent .Ive got 9 cds on it (compressed to 64k) and its about the same size as usb stick -Like everything else on e bay you are taking a "slight " risk - this mp3 player is unbranded and came from China but the quality is superb and it would cost at least £100 plus from the shops - would recommend looking on e bay if price is an issue

  grey george 11:01 18 May 2004

I was surpised when i first saw an ipod in the flesh. It is a smart piece of kit but as it is a high fashion item you pay top dollar for it. If you own a pocket pc this can store and play back mp3 or wma files. It doesn't look as cool but if all ready have the kit, spend the cache on a large storage card. Also I belive the new mini ipod only works with windows xp so check out which os you are going to be using. You don't want to by something and then find you need an expensive system upgrade to be able to use it.

  Confab 12:57 18 May 2004

have a look at this click here

Sorry PC Advisor

  Chronos 13:16 18 May 2004

it is iRiver or nothing, get anything else and you will wake in the cold grey light of morning and realize you have done a wrong un...... :-))

  Kate B 14:20 18 May 2004

iPod costs a bit but it also has all kinds of other cool accessories which expand its functionality - a voice recorder, a card reader, portable speakers - and if you're worried about the battery not lasting long enough, you can also get a back-up battery pack which gives you 15 hours of juice from 4AA batteries. It works flawlessly with iTunes for Windows and I think it's easily the best mp3 player - and the prettiest. But don't be tempted by an iPod mini - that's terrible value for money. Buy the biggest classic iPod you can - I've got a 30GB and it's filling up fast.

  byfordr 14:44 18 May 2004

Isn't the voice recorder a optional extra on the ipod? Its something that comes as standard with the iriver. The extra battery although very useful just adds to the bulk.

I was impressed with the amount of "accessories" that came in the box with the iriver. Just about every lead or wire you are likely to need was in the box.

As far as speakers go I recommend the TDK outlook speakers. Excellent sound for under £25 (also doubles as a cd carrier) click here


  Spen 15:13 18 May 2004

How's about this then?
Surely a winner

click here

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