mp3 music from phone to hifi. How can it be done?

  greigas 00:24 22 Jul 2007

I have a Samsung mobile phone u600 which with a 1Gig micro sd card should hold 200 tracks. The tracks sound good on the ear phones. However could this be connected to my hifi and if so what connections would I use? This is my first mp3 portable so it is fairly new to me. I am interested to find out if anyone else has experience of this.

Thanks Greigas

  ArrGee 01:49 22 Jul 2007

If you have a card reader on your PC, then simply remove the card from your mobile, place it in the PC card reader, read the MP3 tracks from it and use Nero to convert and burn to a CD.

From looking at the specs of your phone, you probably have a mini-usb port, so a USB cable from the PC to the phone will provide an alternate way to send your MP3s to the PC, ready to burn.

But as a direct connection between hifi and mobile, well, your phone has a TV-Out socket. This should be able to transmit both audio and video, but I can't see what type of socket the phone has.

If it's a small/normal 2.5 jack for headphones, then a jack to dual out (Red and White) cable will do the trick.

  Batch 12:13 22 Jul 2007

To connect directly, you'll need one of these (to concert the output socket of the phone to a standard 3.5mm jack socket:

click here

Then you'll need a lead with a 3.5mm jack plug on one end and whatever your hi-fi Aux/Video/Tape input takes on the other end. This is often RCA phono such as:

click here

  greigas 15:59 22 Jul 2007

Thanks Batch and Arrgee. Has anyone actually tried this and if so what does it sound like?


  Batch 17:22 22 Jul 2007

I haven't tried this, but I have tried using my own reasonably good quality Sennheiser earphones with a Samsung E250 (using the 3.5mm jack adaptor I mentioned above).

To be quite honest it was far far worse than using the Samsung supplied earphones (that are part of the moby's handsfree kit). But that may have been to do with the Samsung earphones being matched to the moby and the fact that there are no bass / treble / equaliser controls on the moby, so I couldn't "tune" the sound. Whereas, with your hi-fi I assume that you will have some degree of control.

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