MP3 Joiner?

  siandvic 11:17 04 May 2006


I have purchased a music CD where the tracks are 'mixed' together. When I rip then for use on my MP3 player they play in alphabetical order with small gaps in between, making it impossible to listen to.

Can anyone one advise of a programme - free or paid for - that will join 14 or so mp3 tracks together into one large file.



  peter4076 12:39 04 May 2006

Download Audiograbber or Cdex (recommended)turn your tracks into MP3 save to folder, download Audacity, then load your mp3's into Audacity and eliminate the gaps easy peasy when you have put a bit of practice in, hope this helps.

  ACOLYTE 14:04 04 May 2006

I dont really understand your question,if you rip a cd then the tracks are supposed to be single with gaps,are you trying to save space on your mp3 player by having it see them as 1 track?
The bulk track would most likly be 70 odd meg,i dont know how much space mp3 players have but this seems a big file.

  siandvic 15:01 04 May 2006

Ok... its a mixed dance music CD meaning that track 1 naturally flows into track 2 etc... when ripped the cd splits into 14 seperate titled tracks....

this means the playing order is something like track4, track9, track1... as the tracks are meant to flow into each each it means the rip sounds incorrect.

I want to merge all 14 tracks in order into one large track. Yes the full size would be around 70MB... but so would 14 seperate tracks!

Hope that makes it clearer.

Thanks for the earlier post on Audacity. However it only merges one track into another. There are (apparently) programmes out there which will merge multiple tracks at a time.


  ACOLYTE 15:06 04 May 2006

Does your rip program have the feature to remove the gaps whilst ripping?
You would need to get the cd info online so the names and track numbers were in order beforehand.
Another thing you could try is copying the cd as data not music,the file may be bigger but it should all come as 1 big track.

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