mp3 and id3 tag

  woofwoofbark 01:11 19 Mar 2005

is there any free freeware downloads to make mp3's with id3 tag that allows to burn your songs in the order that you want to the cd. and does it compress the songs ... i have nero on my computer but it only burns the songs in alphabetical order it doesnt allow me to burn in the order i want.

plus is there free mp3 to wav converters



  THE TERMINATOR 03:16 19 Mar 2005

why dont you change the order of the tracks in Nero? By default it places them in alphabitical order but you can drag the tracks to the order that you want....TT

  woofwoofbark 06:08 19 Mar 2005

can you explain more please , when I have added the files I then try to drag them into the order I want but a black circle with a black line through it appears and wont let me move them into position I want

are you saying its in default ? , if so how can I change that setting so that I can move the files ?



  €dstowe 06:41 19 Mar 2005

Place an alphabetic prefix on each title. Nero will then sort according to that.

  woofwoofbark 14:40 21 Mar 2005

Please forgive my innocence , im a novice at best in the comp department .. can you explain how I go about adding an " alphabetic prefix on each title"

much appreciated


  Yoda Knight 15:10 21 Mar 2005

add alphabetic prefix by highlighting song 1, hit F2, hit home, put an A in front. highlighting song 2, hit F2, hit home, put an B in front, 3 C, 4 D, etc etc

Far from ideal, but it will work

  Yoda Knight 15:11 21 Mar 2005

Winamp (click here) will convert MP3s to wav for you. Its one of the output plugins, disk writer I think

  THE TERMINATOR 23:26 21 Mar 2005

When all the tracks are listed in Nero, just drag and drop them into the order that you want. It's as easy as that....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 21:44 22 Mar 2005

Let me start at the beginning. Start Nero>New Adio CD. Your tracks are listed in the right hand pane on the screen. Highlight(or click) the tracks you want on your cd. And drag them across into the left hand pane(where it says Track,Title,Duration etc. When you have all your tracks dragged across into the left hand pane, you can now put them in the order you want by drag and drop. When you have them in the order you want, you can then burn the compilation....TT

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