MP3 file data corruption

  jim wilco 10:13 27 Mar 2004

I'm a bit of a computer novice so bear with me. I've recently bought an I-Bead mp3 player. I'm running on Windows 98 with a Pentium 3 and 68mb RAM (don't mean nuthin to me). It's about 4 year old. When I transfer multiple music files to my player whether via MusicMatch or Explorer I get a fair amount of skipping and data from other music files. When I do the same thing from my father in law's computer (XP, brand new, £1300 blah, blah, blah) = no problems. So I guess it's corrupted data from my machine during transfer.
To add to the confusion my wife has a Phillips mp3 player, earlier technology and she has no problem at all transferring multiple files. I always eject the device using device manager. The music files are ok to play through pc. Help!

  Paranoid Android 11:08 27 Mar 2004

What transfer method are you using, is it USB ? Does your wife use the same type of transfer method ?

My guess would be that your system is using a lot of hard disk page file (virtual memory)whilst doing the transfer. If you hard disk is fragmented, this could cause problems.

I think your first move should be to install more memory. I suggest you increase to the Windows 98 (unofficial) maximum of 256 MB.
Once your programs have room to breathe, try again and the situation may be improved.

Even if it doesn't cure this specific problem, the upgrade will benefit your general windows performance hugely.


  jim wilco 12:38 27 Mar 2004

Thanks, Paranoid Android. If it's of any use my virtual memory is 5617mb? and yes we both use the USB port. How do i go about buying increased RAM and approx how much would it cost? Thanks again. Jim

  Paranoid Android 13:00 27 Mar 2004

I need to know more about your system for a precise answer, but as a guide:

256 MB 168 PIN PC133 SDRAM ? 47.99 + VAT click here

256 MB 184PIN PC2100 DDR RAM ? 31.99 + VAT click here

The best source for buying memory is direct from Crucial click here

Can you tell us the make / model of your motherboard or, if a pre-built system, the make and model ?


  jim wilco 13:15 27 Mar 2004

Where would I find that info. I've looked on System Device Manager but nothing says motherboard. Told you I was useless. Jim

  Paranoid Android 13:27 27 Mar 2004

Try downloading AIDA click here or Sisoft Sandra click here=

One of these should be able to identify your motherboard.


  anon1 13:58 27 Mar 2004

Are you sure about how much ram you have now because 68mb is a very strange figure. Ram comes in units of 64mb.

  jim wilco 14:26 27 Mar 2004

Sorry anon 1 - I meant 64mb. Just checking to see if everyone is on their toes.

  jim wilco 14:28 27 Mar 2004

The place where i bought the mp3 player just suggested i turn off any firewall or virus detect before transferring files to the mp3. What do you think?

  jim wilco 14:49 27 Mar 2004

Aida tells me that motherboard is Gigabyte Technologies GA-6BXC.

  Paranoid Android 16:37 27 Mar 2004

click here

Your motherboard supports 168PIN PC100 SDRAM with or without ECC.

click here

Any of these are a guaranteed match by Crucial to work in your system. I suggest you look at using unbuffered memory because it is cheaper eg either one of the top 2 on the above link. This is PC133 memory which is faster than you need, but it will work fine at the lower speed of PC100 (backwards compatible).


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