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  john1000 22:48 12 Jul 2003

i have been on a few sites that you can download mp3s on the problem i have got is my download speed goes down to 3kb worse than a 56k connection that i used t be on any other site it is up to about 55 to 60 kb i have an adsl connection xp home any ideas?

  leo49 22:52 12 Jul 2003

Your potential download speed is irrelevant - it depends upon the capacity of the website's server and the demands upon it.

  mammak 23:08 12 Jul 2003

Or as you will be asked mate, where are you down loading from ie: Kaaza, Imesh, ect, this will cause you prob,s if your not then sorry too get in your face , but you will be asked , those site,s are a no,no,up here, cause they will cause your comp big prob,s, and beleive "what my teenager,s did to my £1000+ comp, downloading from these site,s it,s cheaper to buy the cd, cause longrun it will cost you more to clean up you pc , saying that mate , if am wrong then, then as i said sorry too get in your face, ragard,s Mammak

  john1000 23:47 12 Jul 2003

ok i see i just thought there was something wrong with my connection speed as my sister goes on these sites and her download speed is quite good if i go over the icon in the bottom right it says 800.0kbps but if i click on atm connection in networks which lists my copper jet modem it says 288kbps is this normal?

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