MP3 Data download question

  golfpro 10:12 10 Mar 2005

I wanted a portable Data storage system, basicly to transfer and store digital photographs from the SD card on my Canon 300D when on holiday.
I have seen for sale an MP3 player (Medion MP3-Jukebox) with a 20gb hard disc, which the blurb says you can download photos, but not how.
Can anyone help me with this I know I am not going to be able to get any info from the shop before purchase.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:22 10 Mar 2005

I imagine that it will need a computer - plug it in and it will be seen as an external hard disk.

If it has any expansion slots, you may be able to connect a SD card and copy that way.

  Salinger 10:33 10 Mar 2005

As Diodorus Siculus says, you are going to have to transfer the photos from your card to a computer then just drag and drop them to the HDD on your Jukebox. (Some of the latest ones have the facility for viewing pictures and video built-in to the MP3 player.)

  mac_gyver 10:36 10 Mar 2005

Do you want an MP3 player aswell as data storage? If not then you would be better to just get a USB pen device. You can get a 1gb pen for around the £50 mark. Try Amazon, they are usually quite reasonable for this type of thing

  Diodorus Siculus 10:38 10 Mar 2005

It might be worth your while simply buying a few more SD cards - 256mb cards can be purchased for around £20 these days if you shop around.

  Salinger 10:47 10 Mar 2005

Another possibility is to get yourself one of the mini external HDDs (still needs a computer to transfer) I got an Archos 20Gb on special offer from PC World about 6 weeks ago priced £49.99 - dimensions approx 3" x3" x 3/8"

  TomJerry 11:03 10 Mar 2005

there are many HDD based mp3 player with SD card reader on-board, a few examples for you

Mustek PVR-H140 M-PEG4 40GB Personal Media Center, MP3/WMA/ ASF, 3.6" LCD, USB2 £198.56 click here

MSI Mega View 566 20GB Portable Multimedia Player £264.38 click here

  hssutton 11:24 10 Mar 2005

Archos also have an 4-in-1 CompactFlash™ Adapter for use with some of their MP3 players

  pj123 11:46 10 Mar 2005

FlashTrax is another option see: click here and select Digital Storage from the links on the left.

  byfordr 11:48 10 Mar 2005

click here

IH320 IH340 MP3 player from Iriver you can plug devices straight into it without a computer. 20 and 40gb respectively.

On my Iriver I need a pc before dumping pictures on it. It operates just like a hard disk allowing drag and drop.

If not why not try a external harddrive. About £107 for a 250gb lacie. Pretty small too but you'll need a pc.



  Lokit 12:33 10 Mar 2005

Having looked at many mp3 players etc I finally opted for this little beauty - click here

My reasons were similar to yours - storage of data/photos etc.

I bought the 20Gb version and would recommend it to anyone.

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