MP3 CD Hangup

  warthog01 10:10 23 May 2004

I've burned a number of CDs from MP3 files. They all play very happily on my car CD changer, but all seem to hang up when I try them on the home equipment (which plays all my commercial CDs without a hitch).

Trivial problem, I know, but has anyone experienced or remedied a similar hangup?

  Mikè 10:22 23 May 2004

Not all decks will play cdr's, try a different make of media.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:24 23 May 2004

Possible that your home CD player cannot cope with CD-Rs - will it play a copied CD? If it is old it may not be capable of it.

  warthog01 10:27 23 May 2004

Thanks, Mike--Do you mean simply a different brand of CD (SONY vice TDK) or CDRW as opposed to CDR?

  pj123 11:08 23 May 2004

Did you burn them to CD as .mp3 or .cda? My domestic CD player won't play mp3 but my car CD player will.

  Totally-braindead 13:47 23 May 2004

It is either the home hifi won't read CDRs which is only really likely if its quite old, only one of my friends has a hifi that won't read CDRs. If this is the case then I am given to believe that changing the make of CDR will make absolutely no difference whatsoever. The other possibility is the more likely, the hifi cannot read MP3s, there is no solution for this other than to encode them as audio other than data but of course that takes up much more space and you won't get the same number of tracks on the disk. Suggest you try encoding half a dozen or so MP3s as cd audio and see if that works. If your hifi will play an audio cd copy then the problem is it won't read the MP3 tracks.

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