MP3 from a CD...............

  Magik ®© 14:21 03 Oct 2004

hi, perhaps i worded my last post wrong, so if you dont mind i will start again..

I want to make the tracks on a CD into MP3 tracks so i can drag them into a MP3 player, is there a free programme out there which will do that, I have tried using Roxio's adaptec easy CD creator but all that does is make another CD.or so it i am using a laptop it records them to the HDD then tells you to put a blank CD in the drive...


  bremner 14:27 03 Oct 2004

With Nero all you need to do is create the CD as a Data disk (not an Audio disk)

Easy CD must have similar function

  [email protected] 14:32 03 Oct 2004

a great program and it's free click here

  Magik ®© 14:37 03 Oct 2004

thank you both very much, I will recheck Roxio and if not go for cdex...

  the lone ranger 14:42 03 Oct 2004

First.....I`d suggest getting shot of ALL Roxio stuff. It`s nothing but trouble. (my opinion only)

second.....depending on your budget (or P2P skills)Nero is huge and CAN be a bit daunting. Musicmatch Jukebox plus is excellent and will do what you need. Make sure you get 'plus' though


  reaths 17:50 03 Oct 2004

when you save the files with roxio you have select which format you wish to save it as if i remember right you load them up the explorer window and theres a convert button there that lets you choose the format WAV CDDA MP3 etc there are several MP3 qualities to choose from

  Tim1964 18:12 03 Oct 2004

Didn't the player come with it's own music management software? Least that way it must be the most compatible.

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