MP3 burning - are there different types?

  Greengage 19:33 12 Jul 2007

I have ripped several CDs to WMP and then burnt them on to one CD in MP3 format using firstly, Nero 6 and then Ashampoo Burning. The finished result (through both programs) plays OK on my PCs and my DVD player and my DVD recorder. My car stereo & CD player (Sony) states that it will play MP3 recorded on CD-R etc but the disc must be in the ISO 9660 level 1 or level 2 format, or Joliet or Romeo in the expansion format. The disc I have burnt will not play in the Sony car player. Is there anything I have done wrong or anything I can do to make it do so?

  baldtaco 01:59 13 Jul 2007

Greengage, hola

I've never come across this, but I'm suspecting your car player is being anal about the length of a file name, a character, or something else about the directory structure. Have a sniff here - click here

  Greengage 11:56 13 Jul 2007

Thanks for your response baldtaco. I have had a read of the linked article and I must admit I got a little lost after the first few paragraphs. I have since tried burning the MP3 Disc again but just the songs (ie I did not copy across the albums as such in case I was breaching the more than 8 characters in the folder name) and again it plays in all my other equipment but not the car CD.

  pj123 12:18 13 Jul 2007

Are you burning them as Data?

I burn MP3s using Nero as Data and not Make MP3 CD. Works for me.

  bruno 12:27 13 Jul 2007

I have just finished burning a few discs to use in my car player and I was given a choice of two boxes to tick,whether I wanted to play back on this or that eqipment.I chose the lower box (using WMP) and they all work fine except one I accidently made in WMA(forgot to change the format).

  Greengage 15:21 13 Jul 2007

Tried using Nero again and burnt as Data - still no joy. Bruno, I do not seem to be given the options you mention. Thank you both for suggestions.

  ICF 16:33 13 Jul 2007

What is the model number of your Car CD player?

  ICF 16:40 13 Jul 2007

Have you ticked the option to finalize the disc on the burn page of nero?

  Greengage 17:38 13 Jul 2007

Yes, finalised - and the discs play in other PCs and DVD equipment and each title has an MP3 tag. Car CD Player is Sony 6CD - came with my Mondeo.

  bruno 19:05 13 Jul 2007

The way I do it is as follows.
Open My Music/select file /right click on file/sendto/Drive E(in my case)/
you should then get a balloon saying you have files waiting to be written to CD.Open this balloon and highlight the file/write to CD/next(in the next dialogue box.You should then get the box I referred to which gives you the choice of what type of CD you want to make.I always use the bottom selection.
Hope this helps.

  Greengage 21:45 13 Jul 2007

Thanks bruno. I have tried twice today to burn through WMP but without success. The first time I dragged & dropped within the program and whenever I clicked Burn nothing happened. I have tried your method by way of "Send to" and have all the titles there ready to burn on my E Drive but I get a message no disc in drive, which there is. Can you proffer an explanation? Thanks for your help.

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