Mp3 to Audio dilemma

  megabite 18:04 21 Mar 2003

When I burn audio disks from mp3 disks,all tracks are copied on to the new disk, and they play perfect up to track 7 or 8 then it sounds like a scratched record, then stops, and will not play any more tracks. I am using the latest nero, and the disks are alright. I have tried clone cd, with the same result.

Any help gladly received.

  powerless 18:14 21 Mar 2003

Burn at a lower speed.

  pj123 22:31 21 Mar 2003

Burn MP3s to CD as a data disk not an audio disk.
I found burning as an audio disk the software automatically converted them to .cda files. But burning as data they remained MP3.

  Switcher 22:54 21 Mar 2003

Perhaps your CDrom is not compatible with NERO for recording Audio ( some are not ).

Try converting MP3 to Normal audio on the HDD and record from there.

Use NERO help to establish CDROM > NERO > Audio compatibility

  megabite 18:46 24 Mar 2003

Thanks for the advice. I can produce music cds now instead om coasters...

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