ponytail 13:56 27 Sep 2010

I want to make a MP3 cd for the car but the three burning programs I have dont seem to offer the facility to make a MP3 disc.The three programs are Deep Burner Pro,CD Burner XP and Burn4free.I have made some MP3 discs in the past but cant remember what program I used.

  gengiscant 14:03 27 Sep 2010
  ponytail 14:12 27 Sep 2010

Hi gengiscant
Just installed this one but still cant find how to make a MP3 disc.The disc I want to burn has about 85 tracks on it so needs to be in MP3 format.
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  gengiscant 14:37 27 Sep 2010

Before you burn it you will need to make sure that your cd player can read it. I use to be a delivery driver and decided to make a MP3 CD. You actually burn it as a data CD if you want to put 85 tracks on the CD.But my vans CD/radio could not read it/play it.
Read this click here

Have you got itunes? That will do it for you.

  ponytail 16:26 27 Sep 2010

H Again gengiscant,
I have made MP3 discs before and they do play ok on my car system

  Joseph Kerr 16:39 27 Sep 2010

For what its worth nero used to have an option to make an MP3 disk, it probably still does. However, Im not awae of a free version.

  Bapou 16:46 27 Sep 2010

Capable of creating an audio CD compatible with modern players including car is the free Ashampoo Burning Studio.
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Another freebie capable is, CDBurnerXP.
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(Never used this one myself although often seen it recommended.)

  john bunyan 17:00 27 Sep 2010

I find iTunes (free) will burn either a MP3 or audio CD.
See Here:
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  ponytail 17:21 27 Sep 2010

Hi Bapou
I have CDXP on myb PC but what I am trying to burn onto my CD is a set of six CDs.When I open the first one it's fine but then when I try the second disc it says I already have done that one as they are all listed as 01 -025 and not able to have two the same.All the tracks on the six discs are numbered 01 -025 and when you have opened one it asks you if you want to replace them when I try to open the second disc because I already have those disc numbers,Really need to change numbers on say from 01-025 to 001-0025 and so on.Any ideas anyone

  RGB76 18:46 27 Sep 2010

You need to put all the MP3s into a folder and sort them into the order you wish them to play, also renumber them at the same time.
Then burn your MP3 disk.

  ponytail 08:31 28 Sep 2010

Hi RGB76 I had already done what you suggested.I renumbered all the tracks gave them all different numbers which was a long job and burnt them using CDburnerXP and burnt them as data and they play in the car ok but will not play on my home music system as it does not play MP3 format discs but only wanted them for car.If I do want to play indoors can always play them on my DVD recorder/player.

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