MP player problems

  SLAYER 13:21 25 Dec 2005

A strange one this, my Philip's Hdd085/05 after installing the necessary software is not seen by my PC.On plugging it in I get the normal noise but it is not shown up in my computer, or in the Philip's device manager.But on installing the software on to my wifes PC,no problems, it is shown.Any help with this wayward Christmas present gratefully received.

  Totally-braindead 14:17 25 Dec 2005

Try a different USB port and see if that makes any difference, I'm just wondering if it could be a power issue, if you have other USB devices plugged in try removing them, also check in control panel that the USB ports are installed correctly, ie no exclamation marks.

  SLAYER 14:23 25 Dec 2005

thanks mate,nothing else plugged in and when I look in device manager and show hidden devices, it is shown.It refuses to show in my computer, Philip's device manager, and refuses to sync with media player 10.

  realist 14:35 25 Dec 2005

Did you try the manufacturer's faq's?
click here

  Totally-braindead 14:36 25 Dec 2005

Try Philips support click here and right click om my computer, goto Manage, now unfortunatly I'm stuck here as I've never used it but there is option somewhere to add the drive as it may be detected but not shown, hopefully someone who has done this can elaborate.

  SLAYER 14:37 25 Dec 2005

yes ,but why is it working on my wifes pc but not mine

  Totally-braindead 14:42 25 Dec 2005

I have seen a few threads on people installing removeable hard drives which is similar to a player and on some peoples computers the drive isn't seen and you have to go into the manage option of my computer to sort it, why this happens I have no idea I presume its something to do with either the motherboard or the motherboard drivers but I don't really know as it hasn't happened to me.

  realist 14:46 25 Dec 2005

Presumably both pc's are XP as I don't think this model is compatible with w98? Or....maybe you need a firmware upgrade? Just a thought.

  SLAYER 14:49 25 Dec 2005

yep xp.If I need a firmware update, it does not really explain why the damm thing works on one pc and not the other.besides mines a better pc.

  realist 14:54 25 Dec 2005

Must be some sort of conflict on your pc and I can well understand your frustration. You should maybe try the time-honoured solution of uninstall/reinstall? You never know.....

  SLAYER 14:55 25 Dec 2005

I have tried that,still nothing.But thanks anyway.

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